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I've posted this elsewheree, but want to ensure that all who have anything to do with either Berkshire or Oxfordshire meets see this - and also thought the wider forum might enjoy at least one of the picsT:

What a day! Last month saw this group (Oxfordshire region) pass the 2 yr mark. Today we had 32 vans in a club line up at Stonor Park, opposite the Split Screen Van Club - the start of the scene opposite it's latest incarnation. I've just added 4 people to the Facebook group, taking the numbers to over 200 members. I'm very proud to be part of a group that comes together so well, has such a great attitude and is so open to new members. It really made my day today to walk down and see so many of you there waiting to line up. Thanks for your efforts & making this group what it is. Massive thanks Keli-ann Brewer for all your help today, you're a star. Thanks to Berkshire Transporters for the support too - we're all the same club as far as I'm concerned.

Camping the night before

Old school meets new school - split screens on the left, T4s T5s on the right - one a magazine should publish, surely?!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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