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Hi peeps I have a few items available for swap.

1. Sliding door panel from a caravelle - covered in new anthracite carpet ( I cant get it to fit but there maybe some interior ninjas out there who can)

2. Kenwood amp 1200 w 2/3/5 out put (Taken out when I removed my bulkhead - I am getting a audio install in Feb so dont need it)

3. JBL 1000W Sub in box (The sub has a slight tare in but still works)

4. Passengers door card whit speaker holes in for speaker and tweeter (Taken of when I took out audio equipment from previous owner)

5. Carpeted swb ply lining (please see pic of van - it has speaker holes already in - but it is used , I took it out and replaced with new)

6. Grey window winders in good condition.

7. Double front seat

8. double and single vinyl seat covers (black and grey)

I have pics available but It wont let me upload but I can text if you need them. I'm open to suggestions for what to swap.

PM me if interested

Thanks for looking

1 - 5 of 5 Posts