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I have two 1600 Pelli Cases (Grey / Silver) to Swap.
These cases are Watertight, Airtight and Dust tight, both have their pressure release valves intact.
I've had them for a number of years, they are therefore scuffed and scratched on the outside, but 'like new', on the inside.
I've jet washed them with no water ingress and removed all of the sticky travel labels.
One of the cases has one of the locking levers missing, but having checked the inside after the jet washing, it was still watertight!
I understand you can purchase replacement locking levers and extra storage foam, if required, for the inside of the case, from their Pelli Cases UK website.

I would like two T5 Roof Bars, which compliment the VW T5 Roof Preparation, in exchange?
If anyone is interested, I will post photos and more information, if required, of the cases.
Thank you.
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