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I'm a surfer getting into kiting... I have a board quiver that is too big (6 boards). I have a 6'3" custom shape from LSD boards I'd like to swap. (He's one of the UK best underground shapers, sponsors loads of UK talent) However I don't use as it I have another 6"3 and a 6"1.

He shaped me a board for some work I did. I have only ridden it 4 times.

I'm looking to swap the board for a 9m North kite, preferably 06 onwards.

The board is worth £200 and I have been offered an 06 Vegas for £150 so anything similar would do. Or £150 for the board which is a VERY good deal.

If you're interested then reply to the post or email me on [email protected]

Thanks - Nick
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