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Well apart from knowledge!!

Pulled out the bench seat from my 2001 now and was going to bolt an early t4 base in.

The bench seat was standard fittment by nuts onto the threaded studs which have come up from the floor, where as the early bases have the mushroom head bolt fitting at the front at least anyway.

So after some advice as from people who have fitted early bases into the later model vans...

Have you...

1. Attempted / been able to remove the studs (If so how as I don't want to damage the threads)

2. Used the existing studs, slid the new base in (as if it was the mushroom bolt there )and then just put a washer and a nut on top

3. Other....

Currently favouring no 2 as there dont seem to be any threads on this so Im assuming the answers simple!!

Any pics btw of your set up would be most helpful...all the rest seems to be going fine!!

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