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Got my 99T4 2.4td Syncro about a month ago(bought blind of ebay), running sweet been Scotland and back.
I had an ex ambulance t25 syncro a while back....loved it but boy, was that 1.9d turbo a bag of **** or what?
Hoping for better things with this baby.
Shame it just didn't start yesterday!:(
(The heater light has not stayed on very long in the time I've had it, a second or so).
So turn ignition on, click goes pump solenoid, heater coil light goes out, turn key all the way, engine cranks very healthy, but not a hint of firing.
Have searched forums and read all the stuff about that pesky relay109...mine seems fine. Wiring seems fine but cant really work out which wire it is on ECU as that just seems to be two rows of wires with no where to test.
Sorry if I'm being thick.
It definatly sounds like no fuel to me.
If I disconnect a fuel pipe to see if fuel flowing will I have to bleed(scared myself with a youtube video on that front.)
Which is the easiest or best pipe to try this with?
Oh also should mention,
When listening to solenoid underneath engine with no cranking there is a second click after a few seconds which in my estimation would corespond with a normal heater plug warming period.(not corresponding with dash board light)
Er loads of fuel by the way. The alarm/mobiliser is none faactory fit. Shouldnt an imobilser stop it cranking?(tried disconnect battery see if that worked)
I have spent hours trawling forum honest.
Thankyou for reading and apologies if I have missed an obvious thread.
Any advice gratefully rec'd, be gentle.
Cheers Greg
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