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Hi Everyone.

So I'm newbie to the world of T5's and I'm already having a ball.

I've just scored myself a lovely ex AA T30 from Wales and it's a beaut. My usual mechanic gave it the once over and all I need was some new brake pads, a seatbelt and some general service items. Not bad.

So now its time to really have some fun, i want to get it lowered. I know how far i can go down, i know i want to use either HHR or Eibach springs but I don't want to do it myself.

Does anyone have any Surrey or South London based recommendations for garages or mechs that will undertake this and other work?

I'm going to get it lined out in the back, get a bra on it and black the windows out and get some subtle graphics. As well i need an auto electrician to get the rotten AA light bar off the top!

Anyway, any help would be HUGELY appreciated!


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