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* NOW £3000 *

Just been in for a service and now has an MOT until November 2020!

I've been putting it off for a while, but with a new car just arrived, now there's no hiding from the fact that I need to put up my T4 for sale :(

I have some pictures in my album My T4 1.9D but happy to take more or make a little video if you want more details. I'm also happy to go over all the details and quirks of the van in person and take out on test drives. I live in West London, but have family in Reading and Cornwall so may even be able to drive down those ways if you are a serious buyer.

I'm looking for offers in the region of £4500.

In the meantime here are the main details:

The good:

  • 1.9D (non turbo) with 195K miles on the clock
  • Owned since 2007
  • MOT until Nov 2019
  • Registered as a Motor Caravan with DVLA - avoid current LEZ charges in London (not ULEZ though)
  • Audi TT seats on swivel bases
  • Quick release sports steering wheel
  • Removable (mushroom bolts) rear seats from a caravelle - a double and a single
  • Caravelle alloy wheels (proper load rating)
  • Side and rear tinted windows
  • Side window installed by VanSport in Cornwall
  • Upgraded speakers, including in 6x9 installed in tailgate.
  • Rubber tiled floor and perspex fit-out for an easy clean / waterproof finish
  • Resprayed dash
  • Pool ball gear stick with length extension
  • Roofbars
  • Sunroof
  • Electrical hookup with long lead included
  • Fiamma table leg insert
  • Microwave and sink (sink still needs to be fully plumbed up)
  • Rock and roll bed
  • Added clear front indicators (Still have the original ones to be included)
  • 2 tonne trolley jack and axle stands
  • Good tread on all tyres
The not-so-good:

  • Very little rust apart from hole by wheel arch shown in the photos. In fact when I was having a service at VW Connections in Cornwall 2 years ago, one of the cleaner vans he had seen recently.
  • Paint work is probably the weakest point. There are some scratches and bumps on the driver's side. On the tailgate there are also some light scratches and ghosting from when the van was once a working van. I would have got a respray or wrap done at some point, but didn't want a buyer to think I am hiding any nasties!
  • Replacement door cards which came from a caravelle are a bit grubby and have cutouts for electric windows, which I never got around to installing.
  • Heater control is a bit temperamental and will often on blow out hot only and only on levels 3 and 4.
  • Engine temperature gauge does not work
  • Missing one of the dash blanking plates
  • Glovebox lock is broken (but still opens and closes)
  • Headlining above front seats is a bit bashed
  • Cracked plastic on rear drivers side light
  • VW bolt cover missing from one of the alloy wheels
  • Radio aerial is broken (it works, but won't stay up without the help of some electrical tape)

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