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Please be gentle as I'm a new member but long time reader.
So I'm in the final stages of a 1Z conversion, which thanks to all the posts on here, has gone relatively smoothly but am now at a hurdle.
I found an Engine complete with wiring loom from an early 90's Audi 80.
I thought this would be ideal as it's a pre chipped key version. Unfortunately, it didn't come with an ECU.
I have since sourced what I thought was the correct ECU (Bosch 68 Pin 028906021AP 0281001316).
All fitted and wired up now but won't run.
Fires up and runs for a second or two but then cuts out. Having done some research, this would appear to be the symptoms of an immobiliser issue.
I'm assuming that the ECU is in fact from a later model that would have run an immobiliser box, Aerial and chipped key.
Unfortunately I don't have any of this so after some suggestions, advice, help etc.
I think I've narrowed it down to 4 options:
1. An earlier (non immobiliser ECU).
2. Add an Immobiliser box, aerial, key and necessary wiring.
3. Have the ECU reprogrammed with immobiliser delete.
4. Fit an emulator.
Given that sourcing parts for options 1&2 may prove tricky and not being sure if reprogramming the ECU is actually possible, I'm thinking the emulator is the way to go.
Seem to be a few for sale on various sites and look easy to fit. Live, Earth and K Line.
Anyone able to confirm if this will work without the Immobiliser box etc.
Done some more surfing and looks like the K Line wire is grey/white? Pin position is a bit vague as different diagrams suggest pin 43 & 61! I can strip back the loom/plug and try to trace the wire in to confirm though.
So that's my situation, any help/advice much appreciated.

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'97 Golf 68-pin pinout below, others may vary.

Conn. Ref Pin Function Wire colour
T68 1 Ground Brown 2.5mm
T68 2 Engine speed signal to dash panel insert Black/Green 0.5mm
T68 3 J397 Rad. Fan run-on relay (AFN only) Brown/White 0.5mm
T68 4 N146 Metering adjuster (injection pump) Brown/Yellow
T68 5 N146 Metering adjuster (injection pump) Brown/Yellow
T68 6 Glow plug heater low heat output relay Black/Blue 0.5mm
T68 7 G149 Modulating piston movement sender Grey/Green
T68 8 G28 Engine speed sender Black (Shielded)
T68 9 MFA fuel consumption signal to dash panel Lilac/white 0.5mm
T68 10
T68 11 G80 Needle Lift sender (injector 3) Blue (Shielded)
T68 12 G80 Needle Lift sender (injector 3) Grey (Shielded)
T68 13 G70 Air Mass Meter Brown/Red 0.5mm
T68 14 G62 Coolant temp. sender Blue/Brown
T68 15 G79 Accelerator position sender White/Blue 0.5mm
T68 16
T68 17 F36 Clutch Pedal switch White/Red 0.5mm
T68 18 Auto Box only
T68 19 G70 Air Mass Meter Red/Green 0.5mm
T68 20 F47 CCS Brake pedal switch White/Yellow 0.5mm
T68 21
T68 22
T68 23 J317 12v current supply Black/Yellow 2.5mm
T68 24 Ground Brown 1.0mm
T68 25 N18 EGR Valve control Brown/White
T68 26 Glow plug heater high heat output relay Black/Brown 0.5mm
T68 27
T68 28 Air Conditioning system only Brown/Grey
T68 29 G149 Modulating piston movement sender Lilac/Black
T68 30 N146 Metering adjuster (injection pump) Brown/Yellow
T68 31 Auto Box only
T68 32 Auto Box only
T68 33 Sender ground in engine wiring harness Brown/Blue 1.0mm
T68 34 E45 Cruise control switch Blue/Grey 0.5mm
T68 35 E45 Cruise control switch Red 0.5mm
T68 36
T68 37 Air Conditioning system only Green
T68 38 Terminal 15 (Ignition) Black 1.0mm
T68 39 GROUND (Diag: Alternator W terminal or DF) BROWN (Diag: Red/Black 0.5mm)
T68 40
T68 41
T68 42 J317 supply relay control Black/Lilac 0.5mm
T68 43 Vehicle speed signal from dash panel Blue/White 0.5mm
T68 44 Brake signal (L brake light bulb) Black/Red 0.5mm
T68 45 J317 12v current supply Black/Yellow 1.0mm
T68 46 Ground Brown 1.0mm
T68 47 N75 turbo pressure control Red/Blue 0.5mm
T68 48 Glow period indicator to dash panel Blue/Green 0.5mm
T68 49 N146 Metering adjuster (injection pump) Brown/Yellow
T68 50 J52 glow plug relay control Yellow/Blue
T68 51 N108 Commencement of injection valve Brown/Black
T68 52 G149 Modulating piston movement sender White/Green
T68 53 N109 Fuel shutoff valve control White/Black
T68 54
T68 55 G79 Accelerator position sender Grey/Red 0.5mm
T68 56
T68 57 G79 Accelerator position sender Yellow/Green 0.5mm
T68 58
T68 59
T68 60
T68 61 Immo J362 (W-Line) (was K-line on non-immo ECU) Grey/White 0.5mm
T68 62 G79 Accelerator position sender Green/White 0.5mm
T68 63 G81 Fuel temperature sender Yellow/Black 0.5mm
T68 64 G72 Intake manifold temperature sender Blue/Yellow 0.5mm
T68 65 G79 Accelerator position sender Grey/Blue 0.5mm
T68 66 E45 Cruise control switch Black/White 0.5mm
T68 67
T68 68 J317 Terminal 30 current supply Black/Yellow 1.0mm

so 61 then (y)

as to immob, theres a diference in the wiring-plug & ecu socket for non-immob & the later immob connections, iirc the immob ecu will fit the non-immob plug but not the other way around:unsure:

as to immob setups, a kit of ecu/immob box & key 'chip' can be easily found for sensible money (I have ~6 sets in the workshop) but an emulator should work. depends if you want that layer of 'security' as an anti-theft measure?

I fitted the immob on my '95 t4 when tdi converting, the 'reader-coil' fits the ignition lock so no issues there.


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Thanks for the reply Rich.
Appreciate the info.
Van has an aftermarket alarm so hopefully security won't be an issue.
Will do a bit more pondering.
Thanks again.

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OK, not really getting anywhere with the T4. Opted for the Emulator as it seemed like a quick fix.
Wired it in but still the same problem, runs for couple of seconds then cuts out. So now I'm wondering if I have a dud ecu. Admittedly there are several wires not connected but when I study pin outs, they don't seem to be important anyway.
Is there any other issue/fault that could cause the same symptoms?
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