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hi - I'm looking at buying a 2002 T4 2.5 - but concerned about seeing oil under the gearbox.
There is oil that looks like its coming from a vertical bolted joint that is in line wth teh passenger side drive shaft - about 4" inboard from the inner visible end of drive shaft. A few drops and coverng all visible area of this joint.
One friend suggested it could be just spill from someone topping up engne oil through filler cap - is that possible? (I haven't got another 2.5 to check ths on).
Or is this joint the access to the gearbox and ts just been put back together not oil tight - in which case someone is fibbing about no mechanical problems.
There is also some oil near to the the sump oil drain plug - maybe the washer wasn't replaced on last oil change.
Any help appreciated - I am new to the T4 , want to make a camper van from one. Impressed by the enthusiasm of owners on this forum.
thanks - dave

I've bought a dfferent one, came up by chance
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