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Hiya Ladies and gents, long time no see I hope all is well with your T4s

I bought my best mate a T4 yeahh shes a lucky girl isnt she? I have been trying to introduce her to the V Dubbing scene and since shes a plasterer tooo I thought there only one van for her.

Ebay, uh oooohhh. Yep all seemed sweet good runner a bit smokey but hey its an old diesel. Its a P (97) about 145K.

It was losing water, light on dash came on then she took it to a garage and they said it had a blockage. £40 later she had it back only to find after getting home no water in the coolent tank. She filled it to the line then it blew out there was way to much in it? weird.
Then on a drive the water light came on again. It the developed a knock, when driving in gear not coasting she can hear a knock. I think we know what that is and she had a quote £138.
Then they looked at the water leak and then came the news 'your head gaskets gone love'. It will be very expensive so you might want to consider options. :*

Some threads suggest it could be water pump.
Any clever bods who know a bit about these troubles I would love to hear from you.

I a having issues with my new purchace of a T5 too I cant cope with all these problems.

Anyone here mechanical and interested in looking at these motors?

Im in Nuneaton.

Lots of love
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