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Hi guys,
Hope someone can help here.
I have a cold starting issue.
When the van has been sitting for abit (over night), turn the key to stage one, coil light goes out almost instantly, 5 seconds later the relay clicks. I then crank it and it takes about 4 seconds to kick in, the idle the flutters a little and the exhaust kicks out abit of blueish smoke.
Once driven and the engine is warm and i then turn it off, it will then start up straight away with no issues and the smokes clears off aswell.
Ive done abit of research and thought maybe glow plugs? Ive bought some new bosch ones and my plan was to fit this weekend but someone has mentioned it could be faulty injectors or leaky injector.
If it is injectors, can i just renew the nozzles instead of the the whole thing.
The vans done 200k so upgrading the injectors and remapping i think would put to much strain on the engine.
Is there anything i can check myself on the drive to find the issue?

Cheers in advance
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