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So the day after my job was cancelled because of coronavirus my t4 broke down ?

Looking for any advice/recommendations.
VW T4 2002 Diesel Auto 2461cc.
The breakdown: There was a sudden snap whilst driving at around 60mph then lost power & coasted to stop. Engine still runs & revs but no power going through to wheels. Reverse gear sort of works but cannot select Drive or 1, 2 or 3. It was playing up earlier on in the day, it wasn't stopping smoothly at around 5mph. No engine warning lights.

Has anyone had this problem themselves?

If you can recommend any auto specialist VW people near the Bedfordshire area feel free to let me know.

Any help appreciated! Cheers!

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See the other threads on this autobox!!!
What is displayed on the dash?
ALL letters P to 4 black?
Means you have a faulty "multi-switch"...or the cables going to it!
Just read the threads on here.....should keep you occupied for a long evening!
What does VCDS say? (IF you haven't got that cheap diagnostics, you should invest the money for an old XP laptop, 10 quid lead, and download the FREE software....after that, pay the $99 to register it and be able to check/do your own timing..and a lot more!)
I NEVER drive more than 10km without my VCDS lappy in the van!!!

Do a DEEP search (Google or on the Forum), and you'll find all you need to know.

Another common problem is if you have a leaky windscreen....it drips down onto the TCU (left inside, above the wheel arch area.)

Unfortunately, the best specialist id Mackies in Glasgow....guess who did a 5000 mile round trip from Norway to Glasgow get my spare box sorted!??!
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