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When I originally purchased this van in 2006 it had a measly 88 bhp. A few years ago, I put it on a rolling road at Chip Wizards and it had dropped to 79 bhp. Well I just had to do something about it. My quest to pimp my ride started.

Upgraded Spec List - More pics to follow!!!
2.5 tdi diesel
2003 plate
156k miles
2.5" mandrel exhaust - stainless steel - No Catalytic Converter . pp tuning
short shift gearstick
central locking
cruise control
electric windows
galvanised body
tinted glass - side panels changed to windows (pictures to follow)
led 3d front and rear badges
wind deflectors
Tailgate rear door
lowered 40 mm front and rear
Captain seats in front.. T5 leather captain seats x 2 in rear - May 2013
Boost gauge in dashboard (old hazard switch location)
17LCD TV/DVD in rear with surround sound
gearstick extension in stainless steel
Ply lined rear and carpeted
Bass box in rear
Stainless steel EGR valve
EGR Delete pipe with blanking plug
2.8 Mitsubishi intercooler
AXG air mass meter
AXG air box
AXG turbo air inlet pipe
AXG oil feed pipe to turbo
AXG Exhaust Manifold
Garrett 22/52V turbo
AXG turbo exhaust downpipe
Audi A4 boost pressure chamber and pipes
Upgraded rear 4x4 dust covers
Uprated brakes to rear (4x4 VR6)
Drilled and grooved rear discs 293mm rear (Were 280mm)
All new Hell blue stainless steel brake pipes and fluid change
Front discs vented, grooved and drilled 313mm (4x4 VR6)
VR6 Calipers and Carriers
New front Anti-Roll bar with drop links 27mm (ARB) Power Flex Bushes
Rear ARB 28mm with rivets (4x4 VR6)
H & R Springs hi-load
Bilstein B6 Dampers
Front torsion bars Grey (Sport)
Front side lights LED (White)
Upgraded front main lights with new wiring loom direct to battery (12.4v) 20% increase in voltage and 35 metres extra visibility
Rear Smoked LED lenses
Reverse high power LED 80W
Audi RS6 Alloys 19"
Locking nuts and Porsche Carrera wheel nuts
Internal cabin puddle lights
Rear cabin lights caravelle smoked LED's
Front internal light replaced with W8 Passat with puddle light
Upgraded front dash speakers
DAB Radio with CD and USB
Replacement perforated leather steering wheel (RS4 style)
Engine rebuild
Skimmed head
New valves
Gas flowed head
Water pump and belts
Upgraded GTI high strength head bolts
New Alternator
New green banded screen
New cam belt adjusters
Remapped + approx 20 small changes to ECU (AXG but better)
Bosch injectors with extra flow jets

Removed the egr valve+cleaned inlet manifold +removed egr pipe+fitted blanking plate.


These are all the parts not needed now.Turbo's like cold fresh air not hot exhaust gases (like an asthmatic runner). Now it can breath,+more MPG.


At this time i had fitted Rakes injectors(extra flow).Also had fitted 12v light upgrade, at last i can see at night.

I brought these side steps from Rake .They are stainless steel and very good quality ,all the fixings come with it so it's an easy fix .Please remember once these are fitted you will need a 2 ton+ bottle jack .as normal jack will not work. These have been on my van for 2 years + and still like new.

so next big job for me was an intercooler as my 88hp blue didn't have one .I found some posts on here how to do this, i decided to go with a 2.8 mitsubishi intercooler as it was slightly bigger than vw one+they are cheap on flee bay and as a bonus it had a fan on it all for £15 great!!.

All parts needed to fit the intercooler , pipes reducers extra strong clips.

Cut and fit pipes to fit on turbo +egr deplete pipe ,fit vw intercooler brackets upper+lower (£7 each). mock up the turbo to get the pipes the right length, lucky for me the van is a long nose so it makes easier to fit the pipes in the space.

Tried to fit the intercooler with the fan still on ,thought it would pull the air through much quicker+ keep it cooler, so more power!!. But it didn't fit it hit on the egr pipe.But later on it manifest it self to being able to handle well over 200BHP with this set up .

The intercooler is now finished ,make sure the clips are done nice and tight or they will blow off.A trick to keeping them on is to spray them with hair spray( on pipes + tubes then put them together.)

Next job up grade suspension + ARB'S (Anti roll bar's)+brakes.As the bhp was going up i needed to do these parts to make it stop better +handle the bends better.

Brought rear ABR+fitting from VW only took a few days to come.

Mounting rubbers for 28mm arb this comes from the 4x4 +vr6 models.

Mounting bracket for ARB one each side held on with 6 rivnuts special tool needed.Like a rivet gun but bigger.

When you phone up to order parts vw always ask for reg number as it's a programme on there computer so it's easy ,unless you are upgrading ,then it's a problem because that part didn't go on your van.Then part numbers are needed ,it can take hours to find but one thing that can help ,the ARB is from a 4x4 so go too auto trader find a 4x4 for sale find one with pictures get the reg and use that when calling VW or motor factors,this will save loads of time . I only found this out after i did it the hard way!!.

Next job rear brakes+dust guards +brake pipes.

Dust guards are from a 4x4 t4 +grooved disc's are from ford galaxy 2.8 vr6 (link to fleebay front+back disc's+pads) this bit was easy.The discs are slightly bigger on the back @ 294mm front discs much [email protected] vented .(will talk about this later.

Brake pipes are the highest quality, 100% stainless steel, non-corroding braided brake lines.(Fleebay) any colour to suit your van.
The rear calipers +carriers are t4 normal ones or new 2.8 galaxy bit cheaper than VW.

In this picture you can see i have up rated the rear shockers as well.Did lots of research on this and these were the best springs you can get H+R 20mm-40mm lower depending on weight (empty or full kitchen etc.They are better load rating than original )LINK.
Also you can just see BILSTEIN VW T4 B6 Front & Rear Sport Gas Shock Absorbers now fitted.(link)

Now it#s time to fit the torsion bars !! .Not looking forward to fitting these, but there is a link on this forum that shows how to do it.As you can see these are colour coded grey is sports bars ,very hard to find second hand but new it's easy go to VW few days and delivered .

This is the end of torsion bar undo the nut but put tape on the threads so you know the height it was originally .10mm on the thread is loads of height adjustment at the wheels .I did the back springs weeks before the front which meant the back was lower , so my headlights where high(got flashed all the time for having high beam on).This process is best done on a 4 post hoist as you can adjust the body until it comes level.

When you start this job you need to have hardly any fuel in the tank because it has to be dropped to get the NS torsion bar over the top of the tank.With a hoist this job was ok to do.

While i was under the van i decided to do the gear selector and make it a shorter shift.

This is quick and easy to do job remove the rod then the nylon bush ,re drill the hole closer to the pivot point(this shortens the throw on the gear lever into each gear.

It seems like i have been under the van for weeks ,so time to do some things you can see from the outside.Audi RS6 wheels .If you look on RAKES site on the forum he has a STICKY on all wheels that fit vw t4 vans very useful .I love these , but they are big!! i didn't know if they would fit in the wheel arches .The hole spacings are correct but they are 19" easy on a T5 but T4 not sure .

All the parts to fit wheels.Locking bolts, bolts from porsche carrera (i used these because the length of the bolt,+the conical washer which is important to match the shape of the cut out in the holes on the wheel.The washer stops the paint/finish being ripped off when doing then up tight.) Unlike a bolt for a steel wheel which has a 45 degree chamfer on it with no washer . A torque wrench for the bolts these must not be over tightened .Also a centre spacer for the wheel(because of the difference in hole size)Later i throw them away because they broke ,i got new ones from fleebay cut from single billet of stainless steel much better.The van is 2 ton+ better to be safe .

Well the wheels did fit but you probably notice the van hasn't been lowered yet . This will cause a problem front mainly .Even at this height i went over a speed restriction and the front arch sliced the tyre wall(not good ).
Also in the picture side windows have been fitted ,OS has a sliding window.I out sourced this job so no photo's sorry.Also roof bars fitted , stainless steal fitted in the groove ,drilled holes filled with Sikaflex (very strong silicone) put rails in done up nuts only semi tight then waited for the sikaflex to set (24hrs)then done up tight .2 years with no leaks great.

Fitted front ARB 27mm with drop links up grade with Powerflex Front Anti Roll Bar Mount Bush 27mm VW T4 1990 to 2003. (link)
Sorry couldn't find link for 27mm ARB.WHY???

The next job was the exhaust 2.5" mandrel pipe no cat no boxes with twin pipes +stainless steel(sorry about the picture i will get better one next time it is on the ramp.) link

ALL WAS GOING WELL THEN ..... For the second time in the vans life the cambelt adjuster broke 40.000 miles early.A friend fixes police interceptor cars ,he said they always change belts +adjusters 1000's miles before they are due.Won't forget that in a hurry.
SO ENGINE REBUILD HERE WE COME..................... They say the T4 was the last van that had made in GERMANY on every part.Except the adjuster guess where it's made .................................I will tell you in a minute keep thinking

As you can see two of the lifters in the middle of the head are stuck in .This was caused when the piston's come up and hit the valves and bent them.Lucky for me the MRS was driving back from french class with the kids when this happened @30MPH lucky me.
YES you guest right the adjusters were made in CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO UPGRADE ON THIS PART I THINK.

Head is off+inlet manifold+exhaust manifold+kkk turbo,leaving down pipe from turbo there.All pistons look good which is great.

As you can see all the ports covered with carbon.This head is know ready to go and be re-skimmed +new valves etc .

Original turbo kkk with waste gate all working fine but i took it to the max with BHP(165)so would like something Bigger!!.

I did lots of research and this turbo is from AXG euro multi van which didn't come to uk.150 BHP standard. Garret 22/52V.

The head is back and it's like new,but not gas flowed which i asked to be done!!!

Started to gas flow myself .

Now i have the turbo it won't fit the exhaust manifold.So the next lot of bits come from Germany de.ebay aii from axg engine 2.5 tdi.

The exhaust downpipe fits straight on the turbo +straight onto sports exhaust mentioned earlier . Lovely fit.(this is the part number)

You must get the air box as well because the MAF from AXG is to big to fit standard air box +pipe from MAF to turbo inlet, all are larger. It's only 3 things needed on the inlet side.

Air pipe from MAF too turbo (on left with blue cover is turbo end.)If you would like to do this conversion using your original AJT INLET MANIFOLD you can,it is much bigger than the AXG but it will all fit in except for the acoustic chamber on this pipe, it will hit on the inlet manifold .So carefully cut the end off on a 45 degree and turn it round 180 degree's then use a soldering iron and melt it back on.if you do 45 degree it will be a perfect match. Make sure there are no holes . This pipe comes from VW(few days).

Pipe label.

The head is now back on.

Now the garrett turbo 22/52 V is on + fitted to the exhaust down pipe.The head is fixed down with arl 150 bolts.Also the egr blanking plate is fitted to the manifold.

I fitted a new CRANKSHAFT VIBRATION DAMPER PULLEY as my one had a big split right round the rubber .The one got cost £85 from VW ,like the one in this link, but you can get them from ebay for £65.

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My job today...

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Thanks this has taken 3/4 years to do, but putting it on he takes hours.If you still have your cat you can sell it (any condition) on e bay £40-£50 pounds.There is a lot of platinum in them, it helps towards your new one .
No bends in your exhaust means less back pressure more BHP .great T:

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What kind nozzles do you have?

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I am using RAKES PP1 Xtraflow nozzles .240 BUT @ OVER 200bhp They are running out of puff.So next i am going too ,260 this should good up to 300 BHP i hope ,but the higher you go the more things you must change!!!!!!!!!!!!BIG££££££££££££££££. T:

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how many seconds youre van make 0-100?

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On the last post, darkside have said there big nozzles are bad and not been passing quality control and they are going to stop selling them .Best place for nozzles United diesels (better+ cheaper).Van is in the garage having work done it at the moment but will tell you soon . Is that KMH OR MPH ?0 -100.
Done some research on 7 hole nozzles and they are rubbish at the moment , holes are in the wrong place/wrong angle and are cracking pistons so beware.

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Looks like you have been very busy and a great end result
Not finished yet just run out of photo's ie- new intercooler -front bumper -13 piston in diesel pump -fuel radiator -sports engine (still 2.5 tdi) -turbo (water cooled) -fuel pump to lift it to main pump - anniversary gti full screen instrument pod - leather steering wheel -w8 internal light -led rear lights - rear spoiler -ram air scoop on wing -chequered flag painted on bonnet+ wings with water droplets effect on top (big job i think) .etc etc T:

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Cracking work so far - I came to thread because an unrelated google search threw up the picture of your rear ARB setup and that got me interested.

Looks good but I'm concerned that it's fitted with rivuts, they are very good at fretting with cyclic loads and then pulling out - how are they holding up.
Did the ARB make much of a difference - (yeah I know this is the internet but genuine honesty would be appreciated ;))

13mm pump piston? That's huge, what's it from?
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