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Hello - I have a 91 T4 2.4 diesel camper, lhd, with a Carthago conversion from new. Had some engine work done by Scotty in Bicester last autumn, and it's running really well. But there are some bodywork issues.....

Underneath is fine, and the panels looked pretty good too, except for -

1. Some fairly bad rot in the bottom of the tailgate. I'm not sure if it's a repair job, or a replace-the-tailgate job.

2. Some superficial rust spots around the windscreen.

3. The fuel tank filler cover.

And that was it until -

4. Today I discovered that some unknown person had run into the sliding door, giving it a rather large dent, that stretches in places into the upper and lower shaped bits of the door panel (are they called 'swages'?).

So - I'd be very grateful if anybody can recommend a bodywork shop or person, fairly convenient to Oxford. Looking for a reasonable standard of work (I don't have ambitions to 'concours', or showing / competition, just an acceptably tidy-looking van, where creeping rust won't be a problem).

Thanks for any ideas - Stewart
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