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I'm looking for an original rubber cab mat for a 2002 swb panel (I think they're all the same anyway)

Must be in good unholed nick & not full of water / brake fluid coz I've already got one like that I:

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Managed to find a guy in darlaston who buys t4's to break them up for spares .
he has many spares including wheels wiring looms windows doors etc. .
at the moment he is breaking a R reg Caravelle with cab carpets seats.
engine now removed and sold
he has reimo conversion and a very nice double cab pick up.
you must ring this guy he has loads of spares and is willing to sell whole vans for right price .
he also has a full set of seats for Caravelle and interior also white colour coded bumper kit to bolt straight on.
contact me for number as he isn't a trader it would be unfair to put his details straight on.
he has both rubber and carpet mats he told me £40 not sure on delivery charge
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