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Good afternoon,

I'm having issue with my T4 Cluster.

The Blue LED's (ONLY Blue Lighning is dead)
SPEEDO, RPM, TEMP and FUEL are working fine.

The Needles are working fine and ligh ON red color as it supposed to do.

I took another cluster from Passate B5, Jetta Mk4 in order to see if the problem
comes from the wiring, and they are working just fine. All lightning wre working Blue.

I unscrewed the my T4 Cluster, remove the white LED seperator bezel and test all LED
one by one on circuit with a led testor and small leads

ALL LED are working unit by unit.

Is ther anyone outthere who can tell me which component can cause that issue.

If other cluster illumination work great, there shouln't be any reason the original T4 cluster
illumination stays OFF unless a component as small fuse or track are breaked.

I have get through everything I could in order to find out the reason, but NO success.

Hope some of you can send me some advise, or someone had that same problem and solved it out.

I'll be waiting for your comments

Thank you and Have a Great Day everyone. :confused:
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