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2 lamborghini style door hinges for T4 van,

i bought these off ebay a few months back to fit to my T4, i fitted one hinge to my drivers door, but when i went to fit the Hydrolic ram to lift the door, they were seized, i challenged the guy i bought them off on ebay, but after discussion and denial on his part he just ignored me and stitched me up basically, after i'd paid a lot for them!! since then i have never got round to refurbing the hydro rams, and the hinges have just been left in the garage annd forgotten, now im selling my van so dont need them anymore,

so basically, the hinges are great, very well made and strong! as i said above, i fitted one on my drivers door and it worked perfectly lifting it manually, its just the ram needs refurbing, the hinges bolt straight into the existing hinge mounts on the van, the only adjusting required is you need to cut a small section of metal out on the inner wing, but this doesnt go all the way through to the engine bay, its just a box like piece thats filled with foam, (you can see in the pics below) this only took me about 20mins to get the hinge in and fitted! its not that difficult!

i still have the rams which will come with the hinges as well as all bolts required for mounting,

the hinges are great, all you need to do is get the rams refurbed, or if you want to get new ones, you have the originals there so you can get the sizes exactly right,

the ultimate mod for a custom van!

looking for £100 posted, ono

if you want anymore info just ask!

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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