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Hi guys.
Having an awful time getting my van to start.
I have a P plate 1997 T4 1.9 TD ABL.
Last week I went out to start the van and it wouldn’t go, I thought maybe a battery issue, so i borrowed a jump pack, after much calling over it fired into life.
So I took her a long drive thinking it was the battery.
Got home, left it 30 mins and went back out.
Started first time, no issues.
Got up for work the next day, Van wouldn’t start.
It’s turning over, seems to be getting fuel, it’s almost as if it’s immobilised.
I had the belts done in April and it’s ran like a sweety, up until last week.
RAC recovered it to my local VW dealership, they’re taking about stripping the timing down, which I don’t really fancy happening @ £80 an hour.
Does anyone have any suggestions or came across a similar issue ?

I’ll attach some videos once I work out how.

Thanks team.......
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