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Here i have for sale a few parts i seem to be accumulating as i build my perfect T4.

First of all i have what i believe to be a pair of T4 seat runners:
Asking £25 delivered on this (perfect used condition)

I also have this 2 pin intercooler i just imported from Italy, however have decided not to use in favour of the L200 cooler.
Perfect condition, however a vacuum port appears to be siliconed in position (not sure if this is how it should be but its fine as is)
Comes with MAP sensor.

Asking £80 due to its great condition however at that price i will include free post.

T4 short nose bonnet trim from a 1997/1998 model - with washer jets (not heated version)
£20 posted or £15 collected.

Bonnet Catch
Dirty but fine for use
£7 posted

T4 Shortnose Bonnet Sound Deadening
£10 posted
good condition, little piece missing from rear (hidden face) where i caught it on a sharp edge.

No doubt got more to follow shortly so shall update when.
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