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Reluctant Sale - need to pay rent and other bills, and can't afford tax due at the end of the month :(

Reimo Pop-top roof (arguably one of the most superior TUV-tested elevating roof systems) with sunroof.
Roof has clear front window and mosquito netted side windows - sunroof fitted with blind system
Variotech Folding 'Rock'n'roll' seat/bed system - TUV approved adjustable seating system can slide the entire length of rear of vehicle offering a number of seating positions for passengers. Storage underseat, seat can also be removed completely with reasonable ease to provide full length load space. Two lap-belts.
Central removable table.
Passenger seat on Swivel Base - also has a lockable safe under the seat.
Standard VW Tape/Radio fitted.
Reimo Awning Rail - makes attaching awnings very simple and easy as well as helping prevent water dripping from roof into van when slider open.

2 x 85amp leisure batterys in battery locker, with vent. Loads of potential power for those times when no electrical hook-up is available.
240v external Hookup, connected to Circuit Breaker and ZIG Battery charger 12volt electric management system with fuses. Independent switches for Fridge & water pump. 1x 240v internal socket
Waeco CB40 Fridge/Cooler - 40 litre 12v - awesome top-loading fridge, draws very little power (1.2-1.8 a/h) can last almost 2 weeks on full battery charge, can also cool to below freezing. Being a top-loader, it is also more efficient as cold air does not escape everytime you get a cold beer from it!
LED Interior Lighting (uses very little power) Two strip lights above side cupbiards, two 'reading' lights at rear - 12v 'cigar lighter' type socket at rear. Courtesy light & map light also fitted with LED (you could leave these on for days and not flatten the starter battery!) White map light - ambient green courtesy light - operates when driver, passenger or sliding door opens - or can be switched off, or permanently on.

Safety Gas Locker with 'drop out' - complete with 907 Gas bottle (possibly half full) with internal on/off valve. (door has rubber seal for safety)
Double hob with Grill underneath - grill compartment and lid have heat shielding.
Stainless sink, with 12v switched tap - water pumped from 20litre tank stored at rear, waste water pipe through the van floor

Sitex side windows in rear - these are 'double glazed' providing superior insulation, also fitted with sitex blind system - mosquito net, or thermal blind can be selected. two forward windows hinge from top and can be opened in a number of positions. rear has a slider (great for additional passenger comfort if they wish to control amount of fresh air they receive)

Only 2 previous owners - 1st the vehicle converter - K.C. Motorhomes, small family company of high quality converters who converted approx 25 vehicles before retiring due to ill-health. 2nd owners from 1999 - 2006 were a couple of teachers, who sold to me when they retired and upgraded to a LHD T5 to tour the continent. There was a full book of service history they provided and numerous receipts, though I've lost the initial service book, many of the receipts and much of the service history is still present. I have serviced regularly at least every 12months, and never driven more than 10,000miles in a year.
When I bought it in 2006 with 135,000 miles on the clock, I had a Full VW Service including Cambelt, Headgasket and catalyst replaced.

In the last 5 years the only work required was a little on the exhaust/silencer, and a replaced starter-motor.
Averages around 35mpg - and being a pop-top it will fit under 2.1metre height restrictions, allowing access to most car parks.

Very reluctant sale - but I'll spare you the sob-story here, just need to clarify, I need the money quickly and am not in a position to pay vehicle tax (£210 12 months) at the end of this month. MOT is valid until start of May, expect it to fly through this with no major work.

2 ignition/door keys and 2 safe keys.

Some fairly minor faults worth mentioning -

Bodywork, the sill seam behind drivers door has a small two-foot in length split which is slightly rusty - previous owners turned into a bollard! This was fully repaired when I bought it, but within 12months had started to open up due to heat/cold and vibration. I had it repaired for about £200 three years ago, though it did again start to open up about 18months ago.
Some very minor small rust blemishes starting to appear around a couple of wheel arches, not very noticable unless inspecting closely.
The bonnet has a number of small stone chips. Many of these have been 'touched-up'.
The A/C needs charging - I only ever opened the window/sunroof when it got too hot!
The mosquito nets in the roof are in need of repairing, as currently quite large mosquitoes could get through!
Their is a small (8inch) split in roof fabric that has been repaired with 'tenacious tape', should cause no further trouble but needs a mention. you can just about see this split in pic of passenger side just above passenger door
Wheels/Tyres - all tyres reasonable tread, may benefit for swapping the rear around to front as more tread on the rear. Spare tyre unused. Wheels could do with a 'respray' as some minor rusting. 2 wheels on one side have VW style trims fitted, otherside original centre caps, can provide all 4 centre caps if required.

Please note - The pictured bike rack, is not included in the sale. Nor are the electrical invertor/transformer pictured in the rear view.

Inspections by self, or mechanic welcome - I can be fairly flexible to accommodate visitors. Though please, only serious buyers.

I think I've covered everything, will also try and get some more/better pics up/available over the next few days. Any questions please do get in touch

Come spring, this would easily fetch £10k, especially if I spent a little time and money fixing up the minor faults

£7500 (ONO) need to be sold by 20th Dec

Reg'd on V5 as motorcaravan - Just needs weighed and weight added to V5 to achieve LEZ compliance

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Currently on ebay, ending tomorrow night (well 1.30am Tuesday Morning!)

Had quite a few visitors over the weekend viewing all seem to want to take their chances on the auction, hopefully I'll get near my BIN price :s

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Ending tonight, still getting questions from people wanting to know stuff that's listed in the description! Someone is going to be getting themselves a bargain :(

Though over 250 watchers - I just know that some of them are you lot on here ;)
Now for a nervous night whilst watching out for new questions and awaiting the last minute snipers! Think I'll be treating myself to a drink everytime it gets a new bidder meanwhile...

Check it out on eBay!

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Real shame you gotta sell the van buddy. Hope your bids reach(ed) a decent level.

Seen this van up close and someone will get a really nice conversion for their money. Well thought out and in good order

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Ebayers huh? :bhd:mad::(:blghsy:hsy:hsy::bhd

Having to contact some of the other bidders as the F******s gone and got cold feet about travelling from Cumbria and then perhaps not liking it. Hopefully be able to shift it before tax runs out at the end of the month.....

'Spose the good news is two bidders did get in touch after the auction closed saying they'd match the top bid if it fell thru. managed to contact one, and he's still keen, but not able to get here until after boxing day, awaiting to here back from the other.

*<:)> ho ho ****** ho


Went yesterday, buyer flew down from Manchester to collect and was very happy with it! Very sad to see it go, but I kinda getting used to it, and starting to get excited about starting from scratch with a tight budget!
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