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Ok then. I bought this pair of grilles a while back for my 2002 VW T4 Transporter, to protect the rear barn doors, but some time elapsed before I tried fitting them. I found that, while in terms of size and shape the grilles fitted, the holes on the grilles didn't match up with the pre-drilled holes in the window frames of my T4. I never got round to drilling new holes for screwing the grilles on, and now I've sold my beloved van, so the grilles are surplus to requirements.

I'm not sure whether these are made for T4s, and there are different existing patterns to the pre-drilled holes, or if they just happen to fit a T4 in terms of size/shape, so I'll leave it up to you!!

They do have a part number (see photo) which I haven't been able to trace, but it looks like a VW/VAG format number to me. Hopefully someone out there will know, and perhaps you can grab a real bargain (aftermarket new T4 Rear Door Window Grilles sell on eBay for around £60, but I'm starting these ones at a low starting bid - priced to sell). Dispatched by tracked delivery, or local collection from Bournemouth.

I've put the max dimensions of the grilles in one of the photos, as you can see. Measured from the outside extremity where the arrows lie. The grilles are new and powder-coated in mid-grey.

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