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Just wanted to shout out on here after a devastating breakdown - well actually I broke down with a slipped timing belt & my engine was still running, the AA roadside diagnostics persisted to run & rev engine which basically smashed a lifter ( only the smallest teeny bit still unfound) & in turn crushed valves, damaged a piston. This happened in August & I bought reconditioned cylinder head, timing belt kit, loads of parts & then a bottom block (original bottom block still attached) though couldnt get anyone to work on it & as things stand I am going to sell as she is. I spent £800 atleast on parts, & should have everything there to rebuild. She needs attention to her chassis, though sills n wheel arches arent too bad considering age.

She needs loads of work & tlc. The transfer box is still on her & I have the prop shafter & diff, which also need a thorough clean up. Been as honest as I can regarding her state & would just like to not lose any more money on her & see her go to someone that can work on her. Or utilise parts for fixing another if needs must, open to reasonable offers - collection only, on flatbed.

Originally red, i got her after a paint job had gone wrong, so sanded top 2/3rds & painted with military nato green which has been really protective on her outer shell. Advert on ebay is below. Started high & happy to just cover parts & a bit for what i have lost on her. 1998 vw t4 syncro - as project, not running. | eBay

Apologies if not allowed :) just thought there may be some interested parties out there. Cheers
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