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Hi All,
I'm new to the Forum so hopefully i'm posting this in the right place!? I couldnt see a 'my van isnt playing and keeps losing power bit'- although i'm very tired and did a typical man look.

Any way i've just bought a T4 2.5 TDI Intercooler Syncro. It's great whilst it's working but after no more than 20 mins the power seems to go. It's like half the horses run out of the engine. I can still hear the turbo/intercooler wining but there is so little power.

I can still get upto 80mph (just) however I'll drop down to 45mph going up any hill. If i drop down to 4th it's like i've hit a speed limiter- the engine makes loads of noise but I actually lose speed. There seems to be a minor oil leak in the engine and it does like to smoke if you accelerate hard.

Any ideas? It did go to the garage for an alternator but nothing else showed up when it was plugged in.

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