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Hi all, Hope you can help/advise here.

I recently upgraded the gas struts on my 1991 T4 (2.0 petrol version), installing the INSUPPA 1200N kit.

The purpose of this, like most people, was to hold the tail gate up with a bike rack mounted on the back.

Unfortunately after only 2 months the struts have sheared the ball joint off the mounting bracket and now I'm left with no working gas struts and a very heavy back door.

From my research replacement ball pin mounting brackets (70182945) are hard to come by.

I'd be grateful with any help/answers to the following:

  • Has anyone else encountered this issue with 1200N gas struts?
  • Despite being sold a suitable is 1200N too much?
  • What's the minimum Newton rating to hold a Fiama 4x bike rack?
  • Do you know where I could buy replacement ball pin mounting brackets?
  • Would I be better using the original 770N struts with a locking sleeve fitted?

Lots of questions there but I really need the help.

Super grateful for any insights on this.

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