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yes a t4 forum sticker would be a good idea,in cornwall at Lanner,and did a bit of kiteing for the first time on the beach at perranporth today,saw a lot of t4's and now i know why people like them for surfing and kiteing etc.
it was blowing a gale and pissing down,but never noticed,as i was wrestling with 2 metre power kite :)
would be handy to see a skicker of forum members ,as i drive past the herds of t4's T:
oh yes i need to get 3 metre kite to be totally humilated,dragged in the sand on my grinning face but would be happy A:
regards jon

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Guys - we have tons of Forum stickers and merchandise - I not had a spare min to get this up on the Forums Merchandise section.

Soon as Beaulieu is out the way, this has my full attention.

If you want a Sticker, Tee shirt, Hoodie - then please pm Kustom Kulture Rod and I'm sure he will sort you out.

I will have stickers, Keyrings, Teddies etc at Beaulieu - you won;t be able to miss my T4Camper now - Its Very Big and Very White and will have T4 Forum HQ on it :D

If your not going to Beaulieu, then Stickers etc can be got through he Merchandise section at the top of the page.

Hope this clears everything up

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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