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Hi all, new to the page, not to T4's.
I bought my first T4 back in December of 2015.
It was a nice tidy white panel van, it was a plasters van so full of . 1.9D with load of history.

Since then, you could say things have snow balled.

I bought the van & instantly went on a spending spree getting the interior lined and insulated.
I personally used foil bubble insulation,Celotex PIR insulation, 6mm Ply panels & then Megavanmats spray adhesive & carpet in anthracite. very enjoyable job to do for the DIY'er

I also took the time to remove the entire front end, dash etc to clean & tidy up.
Years of dust and grime came clean surprisingly well, i ended up putting some Dynomat over everything & then installing it all back together.

After this, i went to a local garage owned by a friend of mine & becan to lower the van onto its newly ordered wheels.
The wheels are banded steels, but they are T5 steels banded to 8.5J front & 9.5J rears with tyres streched onto the rims.

To get the wheels fitting right, i had to do a fair bit of trimming of the arches due to widths and offsets, i also then notched the front damper mount (chassis notch) and fitted lowered dampers & short rear springs.
The van stayed like this for about a week.

I got very quickly bored of seeing lots of white vans around, so i attempted to sort that out, in the name of fun & budget i ended up rollering the van on my drive using Dulux Masonary paint.
This dried fast & covered well, not particularaly smooth finish but it looked good.

The van stayed like this for around about 4 months, enjoying camping & going to some of the larger shows, inc a very pleasent invitation by Lowdown Transporters to be in Volksworld @ Sandown park in 2016.

This is where things started to get interesting.
Having seen some amazing things around with people pushing the bar!
i decided to step up my efforts....i decided there and then to fabricate and fit my own air ride system.
I began buying massive amounts of parts (some i guessed i prob would never use) and then designing lots and lots.

As if this was not enough, i got bored of the boring grey colour so ended up on my drive again repainting the van something a little more custom & suited to my taste.

After it was red all over, i got the DA sander out and went to town aging the body to look how i had imagined.
The trick really was less is more & thinking about where would get worn naturally.
obviously the paint on the middle of a door panel would not wear out over time, but the edges would. so i went down this route & loved the outcome.

The rear end was dead easy, spring gone, bag replaced it.
i was not happy with how low this got me, so i ended up removing the rear arms & recessing the bag into the rear arm to get my rear arms to sit flat on the floor of the van when air'd out.
the low & highs were great.

I enjoyed the van for maybe another month like this, again taking it to a couple of local meets & Shows.
Very happy to have won a trophy from Malvern Busfest for best exterior (i think the judged were either blind or humoured me.

Then came the time to start the front air ride work.
Now for anyone who wants to know, its more work than you can imagine, there is a very worrying point of no return where the van is cut up so much thats it, it works or its scrap.
I had the entire design engineered and calculated by a suspension engineer from JLR & all items were all completely custom made from scratch.
the whole thing took me around 3 months to do & get right, many many failed attempts & things going wrong.

Anyway. pics....

I have alot more pictures & progress pics on my Photobucket page, more than welcome to look through if you want too, i did not want to fill this post too much.

Anyway, currently the van sits like this....

I may have blown up my previous air management, cheap parts from Japan are & thus lasted about 3 months.
It is currently having a custom 4 way management & manifold made by Air Systems UK.
It will be back & better than ever.
Keep an eye out at shows, Busfet, Bug Jam, Bristol Volksfest & vDub Island.

Anyway, thanks for your time & i hope you like.
If not, :* its built for me & i love it to death!


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Awesome work James...A:A:

Absolutely love it......Keep us posted on the updates please mate....T:
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