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:( Hi. We recently bought a secodhand T 800 special caravanette 1.9 1995 . Lovely condition.Previous owner had never used the water tank I got it home filled it and when full it started gushing out of the top/ overflowing I stopped filling and let out some water and the gushing/ leaking / overflowing stopped.Should it overflow? I would have thought it should be a sealed unit?

Next morning van wouldn't start. Starter working engine trying to turn over but nothing happening. Started to splutter into life and then eventually started with white smoke in the exhaust emissions. From then on no problem all day (no more white smoke) including two stops one of two hours the other half hour.

Next day,today.Engine won't start again not even a splutter. starter trying but engine not starting.Fully drained water tank and there is 'some' diesel i it. How can this be? The two things must be linked but I am absolutely no mechanic AND a new camper van owner. Any insight into this and what to do would be much appreciated, particulalrly if it is a garge job....

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