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My T5 has had a head gasket go, so rather than just doing a normal gasket change I am thinking about changing the head and turbo from a 1.9TDI PD 130 Bora.

With the T5 being a PD 100 and the Bora being a PD 130 The head numbers are the same, so here is a few questions before I start.

1) Do I need to use the BORA Manifold?

2) How much would a remap be and whose best in the south east?

3) By using the head from the bora I can take the head off and get it checked out and ready so my T5 is off the road for as little time as possible. Does this make sense?

4) Will my engine start after changing the head regarding ECU or do I need to get error codes wiped?

And lastly as I have a bora? Would the 6 speed gearbox fir?

Thanks for your help )
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