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Further to my previous post, just wondered if anyone can interpret the below DPF figures such as ash volume, soot mass, regen etc?

Do these figures seem typical, mine is a 2010 van. 2.0l, 140 - (remapped by pendle to 170) with 62000 miles on the clock.

How do i know why DPF is regenerating? Is there any way of knowing while driving?

Does anyone else have any scans of theirs they can post as a comparison?

Address 01: Engine (03L 906 022 CH)

IDE00427 Particle filter: difference pressure 5 hPa
IDE00428 Particle filter: offset for differential press. 1 hPa
IDE00432 Particle filter: time since last regeneration 11332 s
IDE00433 Particle filter: oil ash volume 0.08 l
IDE00434 Particle filter: soot mass calculated 6.58 g
IDE00435 Particle filter: soot mass measured 1.87 g
IDE00436 Particle filter: kilometers since last regeneration 97598 m

IDE01361 Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) cooler pump: specified value 95.00 %
IDE01373 EGR valve: offset closed 0.65 %
IDE01374 EGR valve: offset open -0.65 %
IDE01405-ENG104207 Status of starter activation-Bit 0 2
IDE01406-ENG104207 Service regeneration: status-Bit 0 0
IDE01407 Particle filter: fuel consumption since last regeneration 8.50 l
IDE01408 Charge limit for field regeneration 23.13 g
IDE01409 Charge limit for service regeneration 40.00 g

IDE02229 Exhaust gas temperature sensor 1 158.4 ∞C
IDE02233 Exhaust gas temperature sensor 2 -0.0 ∞C
IDE02234 Exhaust gas temperature sensor 3 113.4 ∞C
IDE02236 Exhaust gas temperature sensor 4 100.1 ∞C

IDE03270 Exhaust gas temperature sensor 1: unconditioned voltage 796.6 mV
IDE03271 Exhaust gas temperature sensor 2: unconditioned voltage 0.0 mV
IDE03273 Exhaust gas temperature sensor 3: unconditioned voltage 732.2 mV
IDE03275 Exhaust gas temperature sensor 4: unconditioned voltage 712.8 mV

IDE03353 Particle filter differential press. sensor: uncond. voltage 1042.0 mV
IDE03383 Exhaust mass flow of EGR 0.0 kg/h
IDE04652 Exhaust gas jet volume in particle filter 59.4 m≥/h
IDE04653 Simulated particle filter surface temperature 117.1 ∞C

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How do i know why DPF is regenerating? Is there any way of knowing while driving?
I guess you mean "when" rather than "why"? Without hooking it up to something like VCDS you won't know for sure, but general signs are slightly higher than normal idle revs and (in my case, very similar van to yours) odd wheezing type noises while you're driving, plus it will smell hot when you park up shortly after a regen.

By coincidence I checked mine only a couple of days ago and the figures don't look much different from yours. Your oil ash volume is higher (mine is 0.02l) but then yours is 3 years older and has done three times the mileage, so offhand I don't see anything to worry about.
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