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Hi everyone,

First post here after getting myself a T5 last month.

After buying it I was very disappointed by the quality of the sound system so have just bought a second hand subwoofer with attached amplifier. Haven't had much luck finding anyone in Edinburgh who can fit it for me so I'm about to have a go at fitting it myself.

Is there a thread or webpage anyone knows of that will guide me through the process? Bearing in mind I've never done anything like this before.

I've had a pretty extensive look but can't seem to find a definitive guide in relation to a T5. I'm mainly looking for instructions on how to remove the various parts to get a cable through from the battery and how to run it through to the back behind the passenger seats, as well as making sure I have all the wiring connections right.

I'm eventually going to get an underseat sub from Absolute Audio, so this is more of a cheap stop-gap one until I convert the van later in the year.

Thanks in advance :)
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