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Less than a month ago I was preparing to buy a van to convert over the winter months ready for Spring.
So, with money borrowed and in the bank and my car sold to a man from Malta I went on the hunt!

The remit was to find a van that would be used as a daily driver, so ideally had 'car like' features such as air con, elec window sets etc.
When I saw this van, converted into a camper, with a 114ps Bluemotion engine I had to get stuck in and make it mine!

I've taken the awning off for now but am probably putting it back on when I'm ready to use it. I'll prob be looking to fully glaze the sides and get a pop top fitted - so I'll be trawling the forum for breadcrumbs!

Kitchen stuff is all fitted out and it's got a smart bed evo fitted (prob not what I'd have chosen if honest - would've like more boot space - but it's a cracking bit of kit), so I'm looking to get out and do some camping before winter kicks in!

The daily drive is giving over 700 miles on a tank of diesel - it's more economical than the missus's car!

More pics to follow, and no doubt questions on lots of stuff!!!!

Nice to be here folks, I've already spent hours reading the threads on this forum!
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