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2005 VW T5 Shuttle SE LWB Automatic 174 AXE
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So While looking online at forum threads about changing the cam etc. I cam across mention of putting the front grill into the service position but have since lost the thread

Anyhoo here's what you need

either some 12mm bar turned down at one end so you can but an M8 x 1.25 thread on it or as in my case some threaded bar M8x1.25 and some steel tube to slide over and 4 nuts to fit it needs to be 200mm long ideally but a minimum of 150mm is doable make sure the tube is about 25mm shorter than the threaded bar.

Have a look at the pics to see where they fit.

It made life so much easier to do the Cam etc.

Basically you undo the 2 bolts where the rod screws into (see pic) then slide over the tube and tighten up the nut, taking care to make sure the tube fits through the hole.
Then you undo the other 2 bolts to the left of those, undo the frame side mounting bolts and the 2 that hold the top part of the frame to the wing.

Not a great write up but I'll try and take some more pics on reassembly

Hope this helps someone as It's a common question, just be careful not to over stretch pipes and wires and as ever use this info at your own risk as it will self destruct in 10 minutes :)

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