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I've recently bought a T5, and although there's a million and 1 things on my list of mods I'd like to do i really could do with a bulkhead fitting behind the rear set of seats (2+1). Reading the posts i hear there's a company called motexion who make them. However i also read that they don't make them to fit the twin sliding door model (which i have).
My questions are as follows:
  1. Does anybody know if the motexion will fit the twin slider?
  2. If not can it be modified to fit and look decent?
  3. Alternatively is there anybody else who makes a bulkhead for the twin sliding door T5 Kombi?
  4. Could anybody recommend a firm in North Lincs or South Yorkshire who could help with fitting, or alternatively creating a bespoke bulkhead (i'm based in Shorpe).
  5. Finally - could anybody advise me on a decent local firm to talk to about getting other mods done in my area. I'm considering sound proofing/carpet lining/upgrade to stereo and additional speakers etc but haven't got a clue where to start.
As I say, I'm pretty new to all this so really looking for some advice and an "old hand" to talk me through my options would be great!
I believe we installed a Motexion to a twin slider, and it fitted, but it was a long time ago, the only problem is using the 2+1 seat setup resulting in pushing the bulkhead back slightly, but we flush the ply panels and trimmed so you do not notice....

If you struggle to get it done locally, then give us a call, we have customers come from all over...
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