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Please bid and make me happy. T:

Triple rear seat for sale with fittings.

I've replaced my triple seat with a double seat (from a 2012 van off ebay) and now have the original triple for sale. The triple seat folds flat and has the rare 3 point seat belt and NOT a lap belt. The seat material is in great condition, surprisingly good condition actually, as you can see from the photos. It even has a "soft leather" (?) label still attached.

I bought the van a month ago at auction, the previous owner was Raleigh bicycles. It appears they hardly used the seats but they did use the rear load area and they weren't gentle. The back cover of the seat is poor. You can see tyre print and perhaps some oil. It will need replacing although carpeting to match your van interior would be a simple and effective solution.

Along with the seat I have four floor mounts and fittings and both seat belts from the 2012 van. See pic.

I also have the unused seatbelt (LH) from my 2010 van available separately.

I'm based in N London and I can get the seats to the Nottingham area both days next weekend (March 7/8th)
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