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I purchased a prestige ultra thick one piece mats for my T5 from the website Next Day Car Mats yesterday, not knowing what to expect.

They arrived a couple hours ago and I was amazed. The one piece mat fit perfectly, it looks and feels great! I couldn't be happier.
:cool: :cool:
I would seriously recommend you guys looking at getting one for your T5s:


I was stuck between the rubber and prestige mat but in the end I went for the prestige and I am glad I paid the extra for it!

I would love to hear your guys opinions! :) :) :) :) :)

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Over Double the price of megavanmats too!

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it spam head!


Well, I will take your "half the price" offer and halve it again !!
Well, I will when I find the link to the seller. I bought a one-piece mat for my LT including a section that goes between the two single front seats. £14.99 including postage and it is unbeatable for that price (same company do a wide range Inc T5 I am sure)
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