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Hi Guys

Well I am a forum Virgin; in fact I have never posted anything in a forum so I'm not quite sure what I'm doing !!


I think I have an interesting design for a quick release, metal, shelf/ single of double bed !! I have recently designed it for my T5.1 Shuttle, so right now I can have a mini-bus take the seats out and have a panel van (add interior panels to protect glass) or add my day bed and we have many more options !!

I designed it as I windsurf/ Kite and Mountain bike and the 'rock & roll' beds don't have storage underneath + I didn't need more seats ! (as i have up to 9 !)

I designed this bed 2 weeks ago, I've worked with a fabricator to make it, and now I have toured the west-country using it ... ITS GREAT !!

I'm moving on to my next prototype; so you can my this one if you like it for £500.00 (+ postage) A:

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