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One of the best things I could do on my 2011 T5 2.0TDI was to install a retrofit Cruise Control which I documented here:\https://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=194782
Cruise control and a Dastek fueler (90kW vs 75, 300Nm vs 250) made annual 2000km round trips from Cape Town to the Eastern Cape family farm a breeze.
I recently bought a 2017 T6 Kombi and have ordered another cruise control stalk unit and wiring from Teesside VW - http://vwgolfr32.co.uk.
The 2011 had Multi function display, but the 2017 does not. Fortunately one can order a stalk with cruise control and MFD buttons to gain full control over the (currently) static MFD. Apart from the Cruise Control wiring loom which have to be integrated into the T6's loom, the Multi Function Display (MFD) requires an additional loom, consisting of 3 wires of +-500mm long that has to be installed as well.
I had to take the 2011 T5.1 to Barons N1 City, the T5 specialists in Cape Town to have the retrofitted cruise control activated. So lets see how it goes this time round..
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