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Hi Guys

Been awhile since i posted lol

We have a T6 in for repair the drivers door mirror was completely ripped off and no sign of it's gone !

We received all the parts required but the mirror appeared to be wrong as the one that came only had one multi plug, ours had the main one and three smaller ones coaxial type plugs, upon investigation we have been told the additional wires are the aerial and gps wires

We were told the the the wire with the blue plug may never have been used despite it being there, this one is for vehicles that take there GPS signal from the mirror.

So we received the new wiring which consists of floppy clear plastic aerieal type thing with two wires coming of it

And the small gps receiver that was never conected, we elected to replace it anyway as it was there before.

Sorry rambling on....... the question where does the floppy plastic aerial sit exactly, it doesnt clip inside the painted section of the mirror cover as the little black box that is part of it must attach to the actual head of the mirror

Does it just float about in between the mirror cover and the mirror head ?
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