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HI I got a VW T6 tsi

B&B automobiltechnik who is famous for tuning those Van in germany made 400hp and specialy 600nm at only 2600rpm. early high torque is very good for that 4motion Van because it's so heavy. They did it with a Loba 20.2 Hpfp.


Dyno of previous version making 380 crank HP and 600Nm at 2680 Rpm

So my question is which turbo is capable of so much torque so early and still 400 Crank HP?
I don't want to pay the 25000€ that they ask for this stage 5.
My only guess until now is the Hybride K04/EFR6258.

Do you know an other turbo capable of that won 2.0 TSI EA88 gen2?
Would appreciate any help in that search.
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