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Hi I am looking for a neat , swb kombi van - I have no experience of VW's but they come highly recommended and I like the look of them.
My first query (as many before me I'm sure ) is about engines -

I tend to do heaps of motorway work, and the wagon will be 1/2 loaded. - 2 things here - road noise from the panel van and 2ndly power on m/ways and 3rd fuel economy.

I have heard that the 1.9 can be tweaked to push out more grunt - but the 2.5 will be less stressy. I have also heard that the 2.5 is old tech and a thirsty beast.

Ideally I'd like the have a/c too ...

too much to ask?

budget for a wagon (again t4 or t5 - please advise) - around 7k.

Thanks for your help and advice chaps -


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