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I have got a strange "TDI ECOFUEL" badge on the back of my T5.1, which is a 140 factory kombi. When I bought the van I figured the "ECOFUEL" was just an option, but since looking into it further I have not been able to find anything about it online. The only thing I can find on Google in relation to VW “ECOFUEL” is to do Compressed National Gas variants, and this is definitely a diesel 140.

I decoded the production codes, hoping to find out if there were any clues as to what the “ECOFUEL” badge on the back means. Unfortunately I am no nearer to answers:
X13 = National sales program Europe (RHD)
B0A = Component parts set without country-specific design requirement
CK8 = Alloy wheels 6.5J x 16
G0K = 6-speed manual transmission
H0D = Tires 215/65 R16 C 106/104T
J1D = Battery 380 A (72 Ah)
D91 = 4-cyl. turbo diesel engine 2.0 l/103 kW (4V) TDI common rail; Base engine: TG3/ TJ3/TU3/TU4/TL4/TP4/TM3/TW3/TR4/TS1/TN5
1AK = Electronic stabilization program (ESP) with brake assistant
1G2 = Steel spare wheel with original equipment tires
2PW = Leather steering wheel
1NL = Covers for alloy wheels
5RV = Right exterior mirror: aspherical
5SJ = Left exterior mirror: convex
TW3 = 4-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l Unit 03L.K
3S0 = Without roof rails/roof load rack
3U0 = Without luggage compartment cover
QI8 = Service indicator 40,000 km or 2 year ( variable )
8AE = Radio "RCD310 MP3"
8GU = Alternator 140 A
1BA = Standard suspension/shock absorption
7MJ = Emission standard EU5 plus
0E1 = Short wheelbase
4UF = Drivers and front passenger air bag with front passenger air bag deactivation
4X0 = Without side air bag
4R1 = Power windows
4K3 = Radio remote controlled central locking operated from inside and safe securing
N0F = Woven fabric seat covering
5TC = Without decorative inserts
8RE = 4 speakers (passive)
2JG = Body-colored bumpers
E0A = No special edition
2V1 = Dust and pollen filter
0JD = Weight category front axle weight range 4
0YD = Weight range 4 installation control only, no requirement forecast
1D0 = Without trailer hitch
A8B = Basic equipment
8BF = Halogen headlight for driving on the left
U5B = Instrument insert, mph speedometer Great Britain
1N1 = Power steering
3L3 = Manual height adjustment for front seats
4A0 = Without seat heater
8N1 = Windshield wiper intermittent control
So far my only guess is that someone has fitted a random badge, from one of the CNG VW models, but does anyone have a better theory?

Also, what badge(s) should a 2014 T30 140 highland factory kombi have on the back?

140 DSG Shuttle SE full Camper
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I'd guess some joker has put it on for a laugh.

140 DSG Shuttle SE full Camper
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Looks like a genuine badge, there's loads on eBay for about a tenner. I put a genuine DSG badge there, but at least it is DSG & I did centre it up with the TDI badge!

140 DSG Shuttle SE full Camper
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I think that is the only explanation for it. I need to look what badge should be on there, I expect "T30 Highline". Or I could leave it as a talking point/to confuse people...
My 2013 Shuttle SE 140 had Transporter on the left & TD (red) I on the right, vans seem to have a combined badge with T30 102 or similar on the right.
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