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Just dipping my toe in the water with this one to see if I can find some more info.

I've just bought a 2.5 TDI California Exclusive in Norway. The coil light began flashing when I moved it off the drive and I checked on here and found all the info about what this means with the ECU fault codes. Handily we have a Bosch code reader to hand and it came up with fault code 04F4 for the Injection Pump Quantity Adjuster. I've reset for now and i'll see if it comes back. I've done about 60 miles since I bought it and its been running just fine. The only thing I noticed was slight black smoke going up big hills. I'm not sure if its common on TDI's but its only done just over 170kms. I've searched already on here but found nothing definitive. Has anyone else had this code. I've read some forums having to removing the pump and stripping it down after being sat for a while.

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Cheers chaps T:
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