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My Van is all going Ok at the mo apart from a noisey idler which is another story on another thread.
I had a bit of spare time today so ran it up to Temp and plugged Vaggy the Com in just see if any codes come up.
Everything ok on the code front so I disconnected the MAF and took it for a spin. It made no difference. I pulled the breather pipe from the rocker cover vent to the intake just before the Turbo expecting it to upset the idle but it made no difference. I checked the codes again and it brought up the MAF but that was because it was disconnected. I cleared that and it didn't return. I went to the Timing checker and its with spec at 57. Ok, so its nearly the same as Prince Charles favourite Girl Band from the seventies but well within spec.
The question is, (after the long winded introduction) how much should the Timing bounce up and down on the graph? Its not a huge amount but im not sure if it should be stable. Although my Bus runs great and is economical, im just curious to know if it really is as good as a bog standard 88 AJT can be.
Mileage is only 112000 backed by service history and the only mods are a blanked EGR and a Decat.
I have changed Fuel Filter, both Belts, water pump, tensioners, idlers and crank pulley bolt.
Im guessing from reading from other threads that the Stanas are way past there best and could probably do with a tickle.
Idle is fine. Its solid at 775 and doesn't fluctuate. It starts from cold and hot with no issues and is smoke free. It was smoky before the EGR was cleaned and blanked but with the amount of gunk in there, im not surprised.
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