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Hi all,

I have been struggling identifying the correct temperature sensors for my 2.5L Petrol (AVT) Syncro 2000 T4 and I was hoping for some guidance.

I had a MIL and VCDS came up with G62 sensor too high (P0118), it would be great if this is the root cause of the dip in revs at idle when warm.

I looked on OEMPC and came up with this number 701919369E, which arrived. Before I drained the coolant system I had a good look and the two sensors I thought are the coolant sensors do not match the aforementioned new unit. I later found the location of what looks like 369E sensor in a coolant hose underneath the radiator. I do not know which sensor is the G62 that VCDS identifies but as im draining the coolant - I thought Id do all of them to ensure I got the right one.

In the picture below are the two sensors in between injector 1 and 2 halfway up the engine block. There is the blue two pin and a green round four pin. Again OEMPC for my engine type comes up with several possibilities listed below but the part looks different in real life to the VW image. I have a sensor pointing upwards and one outwards to the grill and according to OEMPC, the figure has one up top and one below...

Possible sensors:-

Options for Blue two pin
025906041A (Blue 2 pin)

Options for green four pin
701919369C (Definitely not this one, as located in coolant hose under rad) plus wrong connector.
701919369D (listed for AVT)
701919369E (green)

If wrong way round on OEM diagram
059919501A for 4 pin Green

So are the original colours important? If I drain the coolant, can I leave it drained for a few days whilst I order the sensors? I have a rear heater so 11 litres worth :( Finally, does anyone know which of the sensor codes are correct form the image? thanks very much in advance.


Figure 1. Blue two pin and green four pin, halfway up the block.

Figure 2. green four pin plug

Figure 3. OEMPC figure parts 7 & 8
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