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Hi there!
I bought recently a used 1990 T4 2.4d and it had the usual problem with the fuel and temp gauge. I resoldered the voltage regulator contacts, and they came back to life.
The temp gauge however doesnt seem good, at normal engine use I get a reading of 60ºC (first line of the scale, it should be 90ºC, right?), when doing a lot of urban driving or a big slow hill temperature rises to 70ºC and when it reaches just a little above 70ºC the fans kick in.
From my previous experience with other cars/engines temperature should be much more constant, right? I think the fans are kicking in too late, and I want to change the temperature sensors.

Problem is: how many and where can I find them.. one I think I know where it is: located on the left side of the radiator (looking from the front of the engine), it is green and has 3 electric cables. Is it easy to remove/replace? Do I have to empty the water on the radiator? Do you know where I can find the part number to order a new one?
Is this the only sensor? If not, where can I find the other one?

Thanks in advance for any response/help.. I like to do my own mechanics, both to know better my engine, and to keep my budget low (can't afford to have a mechanic doing the simple stuff)...

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