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Im very quiet on here normally, listening/lurking in the shadows siphoning off loads of advice and ideas but staying silent. However I really wanted to say a BIG BIG THANKYOU to all involved in setting up and running this weekend.

When the family arrived friday afternoon we were met by the smiley faces and great atmosphere I expected from reading all the posts about 2011's event. Even the one and only Meatball was "nice" as we discussed marking out an area for the little blue tent and extra vans due in the evening (hope your daughters ok and her wrist mends soon!)

My one regret from the weekend was only finding out on Sunday afternoon, that the well organised "Gang of vans" on the other side of the cones with their fire pit and double gazebo marquee was actually the get together area!!! woulda been great to put more faces and names together!! :eek:

Anyway kids need to go to bed now they've calmed down a little but thanks once again. great weekend with alot of like minded individuals, great success. ....

....... when can I book for next year? :ILU:
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