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I’m pleased to announce the all new T5 (T26, T28, T30) Air Suspension package is now in production. We expect to be rolling out the first batch of kits to customers within the next 6 weeks.

I know a lot of you have been waiting a long time for this so many thanks for your patience. As some may already know we have really pushed the boat out with this package, the T5 is not a particularly complex vehicle for air suspension on the face of it, but it has it’s complexities and we wanted to make something truly special instead of bringing out “just another” suspension kit. As such we collaborated with a number of world class suspension engineers who have painstakingly designed this kit over a period of around 18 months to get every aspect as good as it can possibly be.

The kit is very much a first of it's kind because firstly the dampers are specific to the T5 and the air springs. The system has been designed for use on British roads (smooth and flowing yet riddled with surprise potholes). The aim was to provide a firm yet compliant and comfortable ride with the ability to corner way better than any vehicle of this weight really should. On top of that we have around 8" of travel in the front dampers and adjustable lower seats, so the setup allows heights from just shy of stock height to completely slammed.

Full details and prices are now online, the quality of the kit kind of speaks for it's self:

We are currently taking preorders by email and numbers are limited on this first batch.

0% Finance is available on all kits.
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