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Well having just purchased an AAZ pump for my ABL engine I thought it would be a good idea to collate all the information that I have and provide a comprehensive fitting guideT:

But as you can see I haven't actually got any of the information together yet, or actually fitted the pumpI:

So this will be a work in progress, and it would be really helpful if anyone else has any info about the AAZ upgrade (stories, problems, helpful hints, whatever etc etc) and I will get all the info together.

If you have any info just post it below and I'll add it to the first page of this thread to save people having to trawl through it all.:D

I'm not 100% sure on the info I have, I will post it as I understand it, then if anyone knows for definate then just correct meT:

The main advantage, as far as I know it, of the AAZ pump is the LDA system. This is the "flying saucer" shaped bit on top that adds more fuel as the boost increases, improving pick up and acceleration.


You need the earlier pump as the later pumps have alot of electrickery on and will not work with the ABL engine.

Pics of the correct pump, supplied by JimmyJames, note the LDA on top and the long idle adjustment screw down the back visible on the first 2 pics


If fitting to a short nose you will need to cut away the radiator fan louvres at the bottom or remove them or your throttle lever will catch leaving the throttle jammed open. I managed to trip the outer bezel away to give enough clearance for it to work. Putting the lower profile throttle linkage from your old pump is a good idea to help to stop this from happening


GOVENOR MOD - 2 Slightly different versions



Boost Pin - The profile of the pin controls the fuelling as the boost increases, the standard pin is on the left, an uprated one from a Rover Diesel on the right. The pin is part of the LDA and apparently is easy to change

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