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UPDATED AND AND FAT TRIMMED (Did you see what I did there?)

Right, There are Fat Fukka's on here that are gonna have a weigh in every week to see who can get to their target weight the quickest. (Prizes to be confirmed)

So without further ado, Can I have your exact start weights and target weights please chaps T:
(p.s I've put this in the WFC so people can poke fun at us and it wont clutter up the main forum)
(if anyone else wants to join in for a bit of fun, get yourself some scales and let me know ;))

Start Weight : 17st 7.5 lbs
Start BMI : 30.7
Target Weight : 13st 5lb

29-08-12, 15st 5lb, loss of 1lb
05-09-12, 15st 2lb, loss of 3lb (only two to go to target T: )
12-09-12, 15st 1lb, loss of 1lb Ooooh! so close (oh look, just over a stone away)
19-09-12, 15st, loss of 1lb, Primary target achieved A: (crack on to the new target ;) )
26-09-12, 14st 13lb, loss of 1lb
03-10-12, 14st 12lb, loss of 1lb
11-10-12, 14st 12lb, same
17-10-12, 14st 11lb, loss of 1lb
07-11-12, 14st 10lb, loss of 1lb
14-11-12, 14st 10lb, same
21-11-12, 14st 9lb, loss of 1lb
28-11-12, 14st 9lb, undefined loss of less than 1lb :*
05-12-12, 14st 8lb, loss of 1lb
19-12-12, 14st8lb, same
02-01-13, 14st 8lb, SAME (after Christmas tooA: )
09-01-13, 14st 7lb, loss of 1lb
16-01-13, 14st 6lb, loss of 1lb
23-01-13, 14st 5lb, loss of 1lb
30-01-13, 14st 5lb, same
06-02-13, 14st 4.5lb, loss of 0.5lb
13-02-13, 14st 4.5lb, same
20-02-13, 14st 4lb, loss of 0.5lb
27-02-13, 14st 4lb, same
13-03-13, 14st 3lb
20-03-13, 14st 2lb, loss of 1lb
03-04-13, 14st 2lb, same
10-04-13, 14st 1lb, loss of 1lb
17-04-13, 14st, loss of 1lb, Secondary target acheivedA: New target identified T:
24-04-13, 13st 12lb, loss of 2lb
01-05-13, 13st 12lb, same
08-05-13, 13st 11lb, loss of 1lb
29-05-13, 13st 11lb, same (post holiday! well done)
05-06-13, 13st 11lb, same (pre season)
12-06-13, 13st 10lb, loss of 1lb
19-06-13, 13st 10lb, same
26-06-13, 13st 10lb, same
03-07-13, 13st 10lb, same
10-07-13, 13st 9lb, loss of 1lb
17-07-13, 13st 9lb, same
24-07-13, 13st 9lb, same
31-07-13, 13st 9lb, same
07-08-13, 13st 9lb, same
21-08-13, 13st 9lb, same
28-08-13, 13st 9lb, same
04-09-13, 13st 9lb, same
11-09-13, 13st 8.5lb, loss of 0.5lb
18-09-13, 13st 8.5lb, same
25-09-13, 13st 8.5lb, same
02-10-13, 13st 8.5lb, same
17-10-13, 13st 8.5lb, same
30-10-13, 13st 8.5, same, maintain til 01-01-14
13-10-13, 13st 8.5lb, same
20-10-13, 13st 8.5lb, same
08-01-14, 13st 8.5lb, same
15-01-14, 13st 8.5lb, same
22-01-14, 13st 7.5lb, loss of 1lb
29-01-14, 13st 7.5lb, same
05-12-14, 13st 7.5, same
12-03-14, 13st 7.5lb.........
30-04-14.......13st 7.5lb.......same

Chris (Fatboy35)

Start Weight : 16 stone 13lbs
Start BMI : 30.90
Target Weight : 13 Stone 5lbs

29-08-12, 14st 6lb, Same (After my holidays) :D
05-09-12, 14st 4lb, loss of 2lb
12-09-12,14st 3.5lb, loss of 0.5lb
19-09-12, 14st 3.5lb, Same
26-09-12, 14st 2lb, loss of 1.5lb
03-10-12, 14st 1.5lb, loss of 0.5lb
10-10-12, 14st 0.5lb, loss of 1lb
17-10-12, 14st AND A BIT!!!!! harumph!, loss, but less than 0.5lb
24-10-12, 13st 13lbloss of 1lb (and a bit)
31-10-12, 13st 12.5lb, loss of 0.5lb
07-11-12, 14st 0.5lb, loss of 0.5lb (new digital scales card played I: )
14-11-12, 14st 0.5lb, same
14-11-12, 13st 13lb, loss of 1.5lb :D (on the digital scales I: )
21-11-12, 13st 13lb, same
28-11-12, 13st 12.5lb, loss of 0.5lb
04-12-12, 13st 11.75lb, loss of 0.75lb
12-12-12, 13st 10.75lb, loss of 1lb
19-12-12, 13st 10.75lb, same
02-01-13, 13st 12.75lb Gain of 2lb :( (First gain)
09-01-13, 13st 12.5lb, loss of 0.25lb (IS THAT ALL!) (Challenge from dsm accepted)
16-01-13, 13st 11.75lb, loss of 0.75lb
23-01-13, 13st 11.5lb, loss of 4oz
30-01-13, 13st 11lb, loss of 0.5lb
06-02-13, 13st 8lb, loss of 3lb
13-02-13, 13st 8lb, same
20-02-13, 13st 7lb, loss of 1lb
27-02-13, 13st 5.5lb, loss of 1.5lb
06-03-13, 13st 4.5lb, loss of 1lb TARGET WEIGHT ACHIEVED
14-03-13, 13st 4.5lb, same target weight maintained.......
20-03-13, 13st 4.25lb, loss of 0.25lb
27-03-13, 13st 4.25lb, same
03-04-13, 13st 3.75lb, loss of 0.5lb ...and WINNER! (by 0.75lb)
10-04-13, 13st 3.5lb, same
17-04-13, 13st 3.75lb, gain of 0.25lb curse you delicious flapjack.
24-04-13, 13st 3.75llb, same
01-05-13, 13st 3.75llb, same
08-05-13, 13st 3.75llb, same
15-05-13, 13st 3.75llb, same
22-05-13, 13st 3.5lb, loss of 0.25lb
29-05-13, 13st 3.5lb, same
05-06-13, 13st 3.75lb, gain of 0.25lb
12-06-13, 13st 3.75lb, same
19-06-13, 13st 3.75lb, same
26-06-13, 13st 3.5lb, loss of 0.25lb
03-07-13, 13st 3.5lb, same
10-07-13, 13st 3.5lb, same
17-07-13, 13st 3.5lb, same
24-07-13, 13st 2lb, loss of 1.5lb
07-08-13, 13st 2lb, same
14-08-13, 13st 2lb, same
21-08-13, 13st 2lb, same
21-08-13, 13st 2lb, same
04-09-13, 13st 1.75lb, loss of 0.25lb
11-09-13, 13st 2.75lb, gain of 1lb
18-09-13, 13st 2.5lb, loss of 0.25lb
25-09-13, 13st 2.5lb, same
13st 3.5lb, gain of 1lb
16-10=13, 13st 3.5lb, same
23-10-13, 13st 3.5lb, same
06-11-13, 13st 4.5lb, gain of 1lb
13-10-13, 13st 4.5lb, same
20-11-13, 13st 4.5lb, same
08-01-14, LEGOGATE! 14st 0.75lb, delusion and conspirisory, anyway gain of 9.25lb
15-01-14, 13st 12.75lb, loss of 2lb
22-01-14, 13st 12lb, loss of 0.75lb
29-01-14, 13st 12lb, same
05-02-14, 13st 12lb, same, again
12-02-14, 13st 12lb, same,
26-02-14, 14st, gain of 2lb (you fat bas....)
05-03-14, 14st, same........
12-03-14, 14st, same
19-03-14, 14st, same
26-03-14...........14st, same
30-04-14, 14st.........same

dsm (David)
Start weight : 13st 11lb
Target weight : 11st

15-08-12, 13st 8lb, no gain/same
29-08-12, 13st 11lb, get back on that wagon you fat fuk ;)
05-09-12, 13st 10lb, loss of 1lb
12-09-12, 13st 10lb, no gain
19-09-12, 13st 11lb, gain of 1lb :( (hold! HOLD! ....now pull.)
26-09-12, 13st 9lb, loss of 2lb
03-10-12, 13st 9lb, same
10-10-12, 13st 9lb, same, again.......
17-10-12, 13st 8lb, loss of 1lb
24-10-12, 13st 8lb, same
31-10-12, 13st 9lb, gain of 1lb, but MAN FLU card played
07-11-12, 13st 8lb, loss of 1lb T:
14-11-12, 13st 8lb, same. BIRTHDAY ALERT received T:
22-11-12, 13st 9lb, gain of a Birthday 1lb
28-11-12, 13st 8lb, loss of 1lb
05-12-12, 13st 7lb, loss of 1lb
12-12-12, 13st 7lb, same
19-12-12, 13st 8lb, gain of 1lb
02-01-13, 14st 1lb, gain of 7lb (4lb heavier than when you started)
09-01-13, 13st 12lb, loss of 3lb, Callenge issued and accepted.
16-01-13, 13st 11lb, loss of 1lb Leading the challenge by 0.25lb (no pressure ;) )
23-01-13, 13st 10lb, loss of 1lb (Leading the challenge by 0.5lb, charging away into the distance)
06-02-13, 13st 12lb, gain of 2lb (stopped the challenge to have a pie and a pint, trailing by 5lb) :(
13-02-13, 13st 10lb, loss of 2lb
20-02-13, 13st 09lb, loss of 1lb (trailing by 3lb)
27-02-13, 13st 10lb, gain of 1lb (trailing by 5.5lb)
06-03-13, 13st 8lb, loss of 2lb(trailing by 4.5lb ;) )
13-03-13, 13st 7lb, loss of 1lb(trailing by 3.5lb )
20-03-13, 13st 7lb, same (trailing by 3.75lb )
27-03-13, 13st 5lb, loss of 2lb(trailing by 1.75lb, getting close now, final push)
03-04-13, 13st 4lb, loss of 1lb (Finished the challenge 0.75lb behind, but 8lb lighter than the beginning)
10-04-13, 13st 4lb, same
17-04-13, 13st 3.5lb, loss of 0.5lb
24-04-13, 13st 5.5llb, gain of 2lb
08-05-13, 13st 5.5lb, same (no gain T: )
15-05-13, 13st 4.5lb, loss of 1lb
22-05-13, 13st 4.5lb, same
29-05-13, 13st 5.5lb, gain of 1lb
05-06-13, 13st 5.5lb, same
12-06-13, 13st 4.5lb, loss of 1lb
19-06-13, 13st 5.5lb, gain of 1lb
03-07-13, 13st 7.5lb, gain of 2lb
10-07-13, 13st 7.5lb, same
24-07-13, 13st 5lb, loss of 2.5lb
31-07-13, 13st 5lb, same
07-08-13, 13st 5lb, same
14-08-13, 13st 4lb, loss of 1lb
28-08-13, 13st 5lb, gain of 1lb
04-09-13, 13st 6lb, gain of 1lb
11-09-13, 13st 4lb, loss of 2lb
25-09-13, 13st 6lb, gain of 2lb
02-10-13, 13st 4lb, loss of 2lb
16-10-13, 13st 4lb, same
06-11-13, 13st 3lb, loss of 1lb

Start weight 21st 6lb
BMI 39.59
Target weight 'aboot'17st
28-11-12, 20st 11lb, loss of 9lb
05=12=12, 20st 09lb, loss of 2lb
12-12-12, 20st 07lb, loss of 2lb
19-12-12, 20st 7lb, same
02-01-13, 20st 11lb, gain of 4lb
09-01-13, 21st 1lb, ANOTHER gain of 4lb
16-01-13, 20st 11lb, loss of 4lb
23-01-13, 20st 8.5lb, loss of 2.5lb
30-01-13,20st 6lb, loss of 2.5lb
06-02-13, 20st 4.5lb, loss of 1.5lb
13-02-13, 20st 3.5lb, loss of 1lb
20-02-13, 20st 2.5lb, loss of 1lb
27-02-13, 20st 1.5lb, loss of 1lb
06-03-13, 20st 1.5lb, same I: Congratulations to your daughter :D
13-03-13, 20st 6lb, gain of 4.5lb, oh dear, back on the wagon
27-03-13, 20st 6lb, same
03-04-13, 20st 6.5lb, gain of 0.5lb

start weight 16st 2lb
BMI 32.4
Target weight 13st
09-01-13, 15st 13lb, loss of 3lb
16-01-13, 15st 10, loss of 3lb
23-01-13, 15st 8lb loss of 2lb
30-01-13, 15st 6lb, loss of 2lb
06-02-13, 15st 6lb, same
13-02-13, 15st 6lb, same
20-02-13, 15st 4lb, loss of 2lb
27-02-13, 15st 4lb, same
06-03-13, 15st 3lb, loss of 1lb
13-03-13, 15st 2lb, loss of 1lb, One whole stone GONE! (just like that)
20-03-13, 15st 2lb, same
27-03-13, 15st 1lb, loss of 1lb
03-04-13, 15st 2lb, gain of 1lb (I blame the 'tortoise', Stella the Tortoise!)
10-04-13, 15st 2lb, no change
17-04-13, 15st, loss of 2lb
24-04-13, 14st 13lb, loss of 1lb
01-05-13, 15st, gain of 1lb
22-05-13, 14st 9lb, loss of 5lb
29-05-13, 14st 10lb, gain of 1lb
04-09-13, 15st 5lb, a new start after a slight gain
11-09-13, 15st 7lb, another slight gain Turn around! you're going the wrong way!
18-09-13, 15st 7lb, same
02-10-13, 15st 5lb loss of 2lb
07-11-13, 15st 4lb, loss of 1lb
08-01-14, 15st 11lb, gain of a bit
15-01-14, 15st 11lb, same
22-01-14, 15st 11lb, same
29-01-14, 15st 11lb, same
05-02-14, 15st 8lb, loss of 3lb


Kate thingy
Start weight 150lb, 10st 10lb 68kg
BMI It's a secret Rasp:
Target weight 130.07, 9st 4.07lb, 59kg
16-01-13, 146.6lb, 10st 6.6lb, 66.5kg, loss of 3.4lb, 1545g(because you said you liked figures ;) )
23-01-12, 142.4lb, 10st 2.4lb, 64.6kg, loss of 4.2lb, 1909g
30-01-13, 143.2, 65kg, small gain of 0.8lb, 400g
Missing report?
13-02-13, 146lb, gain of 2.8lb
20-02-13, 145.2lb, loss of 0.8lb
28-02-13, 143lb, loss of 2.2lb
06-03-13, 145lb, not a loss :( , Buck up treacle, use the Mistress (Master?) MyFitnessPal APP
13-03-13, 142.3, loss of 2.7lb
20-03-13, 141lb, loss of 1.3lb
03-04-13, 146.7, gain of 5.7lb :(
10-04-13, 144lb (10st 4lb) loss of 2.7lb
17-04-13, 146.5lb, gain of 2.5lb
lost her scales, really?

Old School Steve
Start weight : 18st 3lb (116kg)
Target weight : 16st
BMI 33.7 (a bit plump I: )

15-08-12, 17st 3lb, loss of 7.75lb! outstanding!
29-08-12, 16st 11lb, loss of lots
05-09-12, 16st 10lb, loss of 1lb
12-09-12, 16st 9lb, loss of 1lb
19-09-12, 16st 8lb, loss of 1lb
03-10-12, 16st 8lb, same (AFTER a Holiday A: )
11-10-12, 16st 8lb, keep your eye on the ball, you Fat Fuk ;)
24-10-12, 16st 7lb, loss of 1lb
31-10-12, 16st 9lb, NEW SCALES ;)
07-11-12, 16st 11lb, gain of 2lb, no new scales this time I: BUCK UP! ;)
14-11-12, 234.8 lb (16st 10.8lb) loss of 3.2oz (I think we may be stretching this a little thin here ;) but a loss is a loss T: )
21-11-12, 16st 9.5lb, loss of 1lb (and a little bit)
28-11-12, 16st 9lb, loss of 0.5 lb (Missis' birthday warning received)
12-12-12, 16st , Mmm, the warning was prophetic then10.5lb
19-12-12, 16st 11lb gain
02-01-13, 17st 10lb, gain of (FEKKIN 'ELL) 13lb
09-01-13, 17st 2.5lb, loss of 7.5lb
16-01-13, 17st 1.5lb, loss of 1lb
23=01=13, busy week, no update yet
13-03-13, Back on the wagon at 17st 9lb, must try harder, see the Mistress after this post
20-03-13, 17st 5lb, loss of 4lb
03-04-13, 17st 4.5lb, loss of 0.5lb
10-04-13, 17st 3.5lb (241.5lb) loss of 1lb
17-04-13, 17st 2lb (240lb) loss of 1.5lb
24-04-13, 17st 1.5lb, loss of 0.5lb
08-05-13, 17st 9lb, a small gain, OF 7.5LB :eek: ;)
15-05-13, 17st 6lb (244lb) loss of 3lb
23-05-13, 17st 5.5lb, (243.5) loss of 0.5lb
29-05-13, 17st 5.3lb, loss of 0.2lb
05-06-13, 17st 5.1lb, loss of 0.2lb
12-06-13, 17st 4.2, Loss (I'm too addled to work out how much)
26-06-13, 17st 4.8lb, gain of a bit
10-07-13, 17st 11lb (249lb), gain of a bit more
17-07-13, 17st 9.5lb, (247.5) loss of 1.5lb
05-03-14, 17st 11lb (249) Welcome back
12-03-14, 17st 10.5lb, (248.5) loss of 0.5lb
19-03-14, 17st 10lb

Starting weight 18st 10lb
BMI 32.7
Target Weight 16st
13-03-13, 18st 4lb, loss of 6lb
20-03-13, 17st 11lb? loss of 7lb
17-03-13, 17st 7lb, loss of 4lb
03-04-13, 17st 5lb, loss of 2lb
10-04-13, 17st 3.5lb, loss of 1.5lb
17-04-13, 17st 2.5lb, loss of 1lb
24-04-13, 17st 1.5lb, loss of 1lb
01-05-13, 17st 2.5lb, gain of 1lb
08-05-13, 17st 0.5lb, loss of 2lb
15-05-13, 17st 2.5lb, gain of 2lb
22-05-13, 17st 2.5, same
29-05-13, 17st 5.5lb, gain of 3lb
05-06-13, 17st 1.5lb, loss of 4lb
12-06-13, 16st 12lb, loss of 3.5lb excellent effort
19-06-13, 16st 11lb, loss of 1lb
26-06-13, 16st 9lb, loss of 2lb
03-07-13, 16st 9lb, same
10-07-13, 16st 9lb, same
17-07-13, 16st 7lb, loss of 2lb
31-07-13, 16st 11lb, gain of 4lb
07-08-13, 16st 8lb, loss of 3lb
14-08-13, 16st 6lb, loss of 2lb
21-08-13, 16st 8lb, gain of 2lb
28-08-13, 16st 5lb, loss of 3lb
04-09-13, 16st 9lb, slight gain.......

11-09-13, 16st 5lb, 4lb off
18-09-13, 16st 5lb, same
29-01-14, 18st 2lb, a gain of a 'tad'
30-04-14, 18st 11lb.....another small gain

Jester Sevens
Starting Weight 18st 10lb
Target Weight 17st
First check in (late) 18st 5.5lb, loss of 4.5lb

Start weight 19st 1.5lb
Target weight 16st
03-04-13, 19st 1.5lb, loss 0f 4.5lb

Start weight 12st 2lb
BMI 25.1
Target weight 11st
02-01-13, 12st 2lb
09-01-13, 12st, loss of 2lb
16-01-13, 11st 12lb, loss of 2lb
23-01-13, 11st 8lb, loss of 4lb
30-01-13, 11st 6lbloss of 2lb
06-02-13, 11st 4lb, loss of 2lb
13-02-13, 11st 2lb, loss of 2lb
20-02-13, 11st, loss of 2lb
27-02-13, 11st, same
06-03-13, 10st 12lb, loss of 2lb
27-03-13, 10st 7lb, loss of 5lb Bowing out at this time, welcome back at anytime A:

Chas (Forever Young)
Start Weight :20st 6lbs
Start BMI :
Target Weight :

08-08-12, 20st 5lb, loss of 4lb
10-10-12, 20st 7lb, Welcome back you Fat Fuk, now, back on the wagon.
17-10-12, 20st 5lb, loss of 2lb
24-10-12, 20st 8lb, not a loss.....
Who knows? but even the DOC says your fat, you fat Fuk ;)
07-11-12, 21st 0lb, a slight gain
14-1-12, 20st 12lb, loss of 2lb
21-11-12, 20st 11lb, loss of 1lb
29-11-12, 20st 8lb, loss of 3lb
05-12-12, 20st 7lb, loss of 1lb
19-12-12, ASSUME the same, lack of contact
09-01-13, 21st 2lb, wrong assumption, a touch heavier
16-01-13, 21st nekkid, loss of 2lb
After a period of silence, Brother Chas has reported in, he needs our support, the Fat Fukka. 20st 13lb, a slight gain......
17-04-13, 20st 10lb, loss of 2lb
24-04-13, 20st 8lb, loss of 2lb
01-05-13, 20st 7lb, loss of 1lb
15-05-13, 20st 12lb, gain of 5lb
23-05-13, 20st 13lb, gain of 1lb

Start weight: 16st
Target weight: 13st

17-04-13, 16st
24-04-13, 16st 1lb, gain of 1lb wrong way!
01-05-13, 15st 13lb, loss of 2lb
08-05-13, 15st 12lb, loss of 1lb A:
15-05-13, 15st 11.5lb, loss of 0.5lb
22-05-13, 15st 11lb, loss of 0.5lb
29-05-13, 15st 11.5lb, gain of 0.5lb
03-07-13, 16st, gain of 2.5lb

go-ferret (Si)
Start weight 17st 13lb
start BMI 33.9
Target weight 15st
05-09-12, 17st 13lb (but further away from nearly 250lb)
12-09-12, 17st 9lb, loss of 4lb
19-09-12, 17st 7lb, loss of 1lb
26-09-12, 17st 6lb, loss of 1lb
03-10-12, 17st 7lb, gain of 1lb
11-10-12, 17st 8lb, gain of ANOTHER 1lb I:
17-10-12, 17st 8lb, same, not a sausage lost, nada, zilch, must try harder
24-10-12, 17st 8lb, consistent if nothing else LOL:
14-11-12, Mmmmmm :( 17st13lb, wrong way you Fat Fukker. LOL:

Keith (t4Chippy)
Start Weight : 18st 3lb
Start BMI : 38
Target Weight : 15st

Back on the wagon, but no wheels yet so we have no updates. Slacking LOL:

Start weight 23st 8lb
BMI 40.13
Target weight: 19st

04-07-12, 22st 1lb, loss of 1.5lb A: MIA

Dave (djespie
Start Weight : 24st 6lbs
Start BMI : 42
Target Weight : 15st 10.5lb

26-09-12, Un defined at this date, but a loss we think, welcome back Dave
24-10-12, 160kg (25st 2.5lb) a slight gain I:
12-06-12, 158kg, back with the program? Welcome back Big Fella
30-04-14, 27st 6lb (174kg) ...a slight gain

Start weight 17st 3lb
Start BMI 33.62
Target weight 14st 0lb
14-03-12, 17st 3lb

Who knows?

Dave (Meatball)
Start Weight : 18st 5 lbs
Start BMI :
Target Weight : 15 st

15-12-11 Their scales say 17st 6 so 13lbs loss
Judging from the first weeks loss, he has dissolved into the ether and is all around us.

jabby fingered, worn nubbed, ginger ninja
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Speaking of piss takers

I didn't Definately agree to it ya big twunt

Spose I've got no fookin choice nowLOL:

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Right, There are 3 particular Fat Fukka's on here that are gonna have a weigh in every week to see who can get to their target weight the quickest. (Prizes to be confirmed)

So without further ado, Can I have your exact start weights and target weights please chaps T:
(p.s I've put this in the WFC so people can poke fun at us and it wont clutter up the main forum)

Current Weight : 18st 3lb
Target Weight : 15st

Forever Young
Current Weight :
Target Weight :

Current Weight : 18st 5 lbs
Target Weight : 15 st

(if anyone else wants to join in for a bit of fun, get yourself some scales and let me know ;))

Are these really your weights :eek:

Don't all jump up at the same time as you'll start a fcuking tsunami ..... LOL:

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Speaking of piss takers

I didn't Definately agree to it ya big twunt

Spose I've got no fookin choice nowLOL:
Nope Rasp: Rasp: Rasp: Rasp:

I havn't put you weight up mate in case you wanted to chicken out I:

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Are these really your weights :eek:

Don't all jump up at the same time as you'll start a fcuking tsunami ..... LOL:
you wait till chas posts up I:

We'll all jump on you in a minute ya scrawny cunt Rasp:

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6 foot 3 inch , 21 stone , 55 inch chest , 38 inch waist. bmi of 37.4 .ive not got high blood pressure or high colestral and a recent ecg showed ive a strong heart, the sad thing is the only true way to measure bmi is to weigh the person in water. that shows the difference between fat and muscle.

jabby fingered, worn nubbed, ginger ninja
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That's all right, id have the hump if he wasn't telling the truth,

Plus he's gonna be at wurzledubsLOL:
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